CBROnline: New LF CTO Position

Matt Aslett covers LF’s latest news about the addition of Markus Rex as new CTO.

Linux-Watch Reports on Markus Rex’ New Role at LF

Steven Vaughan-Nichols writes up today’s news on LF’s new executive. Talks to New LF CTO Markus Rex

See Joe Brockmeier’s interview here.

ComputerWorld Talks to Zemlin About the Next Phase of Growth for Linux

Jim Zemlin sat down with CW’s Todd Weiss at OSCON to talk about what success for Linux looks like today.

Wired News Reports from Ubuntu Live!

Mike Calore attended Mark Shuttleworth’s keynote at Ubuntu Live! today. He reports on Shuttleworth’s “call for discussion” about how Linux distros can work with more predictable release schedules. Shuttleworth, who sits on the LF board, says this would help Linux compete better in the enterprise market.

LinuxInsider: McPherson on Open Legislation

An interesting two-part series on open development applied to law-making.

Linux Watch: Eclipse as the Visual Studio for Linux

Developers at the LF Collaboration Summit discussed using Eclipse for Visual Studio for Linux. More details here.

eWeek: Linux Releases Tight Kernel

SVN details the latest Linux kernel release 2.6.22 here.

InformationWeek’s Babcock Blogs About Suing Customers

Babcock has a great blog about the ongoing acceptance of open source from customers and quotes LF legal eagles Updegrove and Copenhaver about the chances of customers being sued

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