Red Herring: Linux Leaders Unfazed by Microsoft

Cubarubbia interviews LF’s Zemlin, Red Hat’s Evans and 451 Group’s Zachary and finds the Linux beat goes on

eWeek: Linux Foundation Charts Linux’s Future

Vaughan-Nichols details the technical output from the LF Summit on Green Linux

Tom Sanders reports on the Green Linux initiative to address power consumption

ZDNet UK: LF Tackles Power Concerns

ZDNet UK reports on the continuing discussions on power management to take place in Ottawa next week and the “Green Linux” initiative

InfoWorld: Linux Going Green

Krill summarizes the LF Collaboration Summit

NetworkWorld Captures Legal Perspectives from LF Summit

John Fontana’s article gives a realistic look at how the OSS and Linux communities see patent and license issues

NetworkWorld: Linux Community Gets its Second Wind

Fontana reports on the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit, from the GPLv3 to kernel development to ISV and user needs

Reuters Outines the Factors for Linux Winning in the Market

Check out reporter Eric Auchard’s report from the LF Collaboration Summit

O’Reilly: LF Collaboration Summit a Success

Andy Oram delivers a detailed report on the first day’s activities and concludes it was a great debut event!

InformationWeek: Linux Development Accelerating

InformationWeek reports directly from the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit to share what the community is thinking.

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