Embedded Control Europe: Raising the Bar, CGL 4.0

Wind River’s Glenn Seiler has a great article on CGL 4.0 in the latest issue of ECE.

DesktopLinux: Zemlin to Host LWE SF Panel gives detail on LinuxWorld San Francisco agenda, including Zemlin’s panel on unifying the Linux ecosystem

SearchEnterpriseLinux: LSB Can Improve SW Portability

Loftus shares a report from Saugtuck Technology pointing to LSB’s ability to improve SW portability

TechNewsWorld Talks to LF About New LSB Tools

A great interview with LF’s Dan Kohn about the LSB LSB Releases Automated Testing Tools

Check out’s take on the LSB’s new tools

ComputerWorld’s Q&A with HP’s Christine Martino

Todd Weiss interviews LF board member Christine Martino about LF finding common ground for Linux

NetworkWorld: LF Attracts Interesting New Members

Hochmuth reports on LF’s “eclectic trio” of new members

Updegrove’s Details LF’s Multiple Activities

LS board member Andy Updegrove writes about the many dimensions of the Linux ecosystem and how LF is helping to support it

ComputerWorld Reports that Debian 4.0 Registered with LSB 3.1

Matthew Broersma shares with online readers the Debian 4.0 and LSB udpates

Red Herring Says LSB Helps Make Life Easier for Linux

Red Herring reports that the latest LSB testing tools can make it easier and more cost-effective to bring Linux to market

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