ZDNet: Linux job market heats up

Dice, the leading career site for technology and engineering professionals, and The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the growth of Linux and collaborative development, has just released the 2014 Linux Jobs Report  (PDF Link). The two found that "The explosive demand for Linux talent is intensifying."

VentureBeat: AT&T teams with IBM, Linux Foundation to get cities onboard with Internet of things

Imagine a city where all the buses ran on time and traffic never got backed up. AT&T and IBM (and a whole bunch of others) want to make that dream come true.

AT&T is joining forces with IBM to cash in on the hot Internet of Things megatrend, with plans to initially target cities and utility companies, the companies announced today.

PC World: Hiring managers advise job seekers to contribute to open-source projects

Contributing to open-source projects can give software developers an edge over other applicants in the competitive IT job market, say hiring professionals.

“The phrase we use is ‘code is the new resume,’” said Jim Zemlin, executive director at The Linux Foundation. “Open source has truly become a juggernaut as of late. Within the last five years in particular it’s just become the dominant form of development.”

eWeek: Linux Foundation Branches Out: 10 Efforts Beyond Linux

By definition, the Linux Foundation has Linux as its core mission, helping to bring the community of Linux developers and vendors together and fostering the right environment for collaboration. When the Linux Foundation started—it was created in 2007 as a result of the merger between the Free Standards Group (FSG) and Open Source Development Labs (OSDL)—Linux was the only thing that the group did. But in 2014, that's no longer the case.

Business Insider: These Women Are Building The Software That Quietly Runs The World

It’s no secret that there are far fewer women technologists working in the industry than men.

When it comes to computer-related jobs, men outnumber women at a rate of about 4 to 1.

Read more at Business Insider

InfoWorld: Who writes Linux? Corporations, more than ever

Here's an irony for you: the Linux kernel is now written, more than ever before, by for-profit corporations, many of which are in direct competition with each other. The total share of contributions by such outfits is rising year over year.

Read more at InfoWorld

Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal: Microsoft Backs a Tech Movement That Seems a Threat

It’s the technology world’s equivalent of lions lying down with lambs.

InfoWorld: 10 big virtualization and cloud stories from 2013

Those of us who have spent much of our IT careers wrapped up inside of a nice, warm cocoon of virtualization were fortunate to have front row seats to another great year, as virtualization technologies continued to flourish in 2013. Virtualization remained a key component in the modern data center, and cloud computing continued to grow in importance -- both of which helped take all things virtual in a number of interesting directions. 

OSTATIC: Google's Open Automotive Alliance will Bring Android Innovation to Cars

It looks like Android may be set to drive intelligence and entertainment in our cars. Google and several powerful automakers have announced a collaboration focused on bringing Android to cars via a group called the Open Automotive Alliance.

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