Business Insider: A Conversation With Linus Torvalds, Who Built The World's Most Robust Operating System And Gave It Away For Free

Hello everybody out there using minix - I'm doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won't be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones... I'd like to know what features most people would want. Any suggestions are welcome, but I won't promise I'll implement them :-)

Computer Business Review: Linux Foundation Will Save OpenSSL With A Little Help From Its Friends

Adobe, Bloomberg, HP, Huawei and Salesforce are backing the Linux Foundation as it seeks a security audit for OpenSSL, the security protocol exploited in the Heartbleed bug.

According to the foundation its backers will provide $3.6m over the next three years, helping to pay for two developers to work on OpenSSL, and an audit to be conducted by the Open Crypto Audit Project, the non-profit responsible for reviewing TrueCrypt.

Venture Beat: The Linux Foundation is doing a fundraising drive for Here’s why you should chip in

It’s always a great show of solidarity when two organizations with similar values figure out a way to support each other, and that’s exactly what the Linux Foundation and are doing.

Today, the Linux Foundation announced that, for every new member that signs up during the month of June, it will donate $25 to, an organization working to make computer science education more widely available in U.S. public schools.

Gigaom: OpenSSL security project gets some much-needed funding

Just a few weeks ago, the Linux Foundation rounded up vendors to fund work to improve and buttress the OpenSSL open-source security project. On Thursday, it announced the first concrete steps to do that work.

Fast Company: Following Discovery of Heartbleed Bug, OpenSSL Will Undergo Security Audit

The Linux Foundation announced Thursday that it will distribute funding from new backers to perform a security audit on OpenSSL's code base and add two full-time core engineers to the open-source security project.

Network World: Core Infrastructure Initiative to delve into security of OpenSSL, OpenSSH, Network Time Protocol

The Linux Foundation today announced the first protocols that it wants to address as part of its open-source code testing and security review. Not surprisingly, OpenSSL, where the infamous Heartbleed bug was discovered, is among them.

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Wall Street Journal: Heartbleed Flaw is First Task of New Software Group

The group created last month to support open source software in need has announced funding for four initial projects, among them a full security audit of the computer code that sprouted the Heartbleed bug.

The Core Infrastructure Initiative will fund a full audit of OpenSSL, an open source encryption tool used by a large portion of the Internet. Separately, funds will help support two full-time OpenSSL developers.

Read more at Wall Street Journal

PCWorld: Tech giants throw money at OpenSSL in response to Heartbleed

OpenSSL is getting funded for two full-time developers and a security audit in an attempt to prevent another devastating bug like Heartbleed.

Venture Beat: Everyone uses OpenSSL, but nobody’s willing to fix it — except the Linux Foundation

If you remember the recent Heartbleed outbreak, you probably also remember the sheer panic it induced in the tech industry and users of many popular websites.

The Linux Foundation subsequently created the Core Infrastructure Initiative to help prevent further outbreaks, and today it’s announced two new backers and the first projects getting funding.

InfoWorld: Linux Foundation adds more Internet protocols to its protection list

It was easy enough to cry havoc or wring one's hands when the OpenSSL vulnerability Heartbleed came along. It was harder to actually do something about the problems of protecting critical pieces of Internet infrastructure. But the Linux Foundation decided a more holistic effort would be worth it, so it rallied together various parties to create the CII (Core Infrastructure Initiative)

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