InfoWorld: Scoffing at Microsoft Threats

InfoWorld adds its analysis on Microsoft’s latest patent claims with comments from Jim Zemlin and others

InformationWeek Reports on LF Reaction to Microsoft’s Patent Claim

InformationWeek’s Babcock talked to Jim Zemlin today about Microsoft’s latest patent cry.

LinuxDevices on Sun’s new Linux-Java mobile OS

Henry Kingman reviews Sun’s new mixed open source play in mobile platforms.

BusinessWeek Ponders Java’s New Lease on Life under GPL

Linux Foundation CTO Dan Kohn weighs in on Java’s future: can it compete with popular existing open source languages?

USA Today: Linux Isn’t Just for Geeks

USA Today’s columnist Andrew Kantor does his own review of Linux in today’s paper and finds it isnt’t just for geeks anymore.

InfoWorld Points to Zemlin’s Comments in BusinessWeek

Blogger Dave Rosenberg asks if Sun’s dive into open source really matters and points to LF’s comments about Solaris in BusinessWeek

Desktop Linux Looks at What Dell/Ubuntu Deal Really Means

Steven Vaughan-Nichols talks to all the major stakeholders in desktop Linux to understand the implications of this week’s big news.

Enterprise Linux Log Shares Industry Comments on Dell/Ubuntu

The Linux Foundation’s comments are included with those from Red Hat and Novell

BusinessWeek Takes a Look at Sun’s Open Source Strategy

Ricadela interviewed a handful of heavyweights about Sun’s dive into open source. Check out what LF’s Jim Zemlin had to say in today’s online article. 

Xandros First to Receive LSB Certification by Using New Automated Testkit

Xandros today announced its LSB cert status as a result of using the new testkit

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