Computerworld: Version 2.0 of Linux Standard Base specs now available

On September 16, 2004, Computerworld outlines the major additions that have been made to the specifications of the newly released LSB 2.0.

CNET Linux standard gains big-name backers

The September 13, 2004 issue of CNET summarizes the support garnered by the Free Standards Group for LSB 2.0.
“A number of software makers and well-known IT vendors have agreed to endorse the Free Standards Group’s latest Linux standard to help create common ground for companies building open-source technologies.” Free Standards Group To Standardize Linux

The September 13, 2004 issue of reports on the release of LSB 2.0.

CIO Today Magazine Covers LSB News

CIO Today covers the industry support behind the LSB.

LSB Certified: SUSE LINUX 9.1 from Novell

Novell announced that SUSE LINUX 9.1 has earned LSB Certification. Read Novell’s April 28, 2004 press release, as well as the full list of LSB Certified products.

Linux Journal: How to Build LSB Applications

Check out the May 2004 issue of Linux Journal and read the article “How to Build LSB Applications.” The article was authored by Stuart Anderson, lead developer of the LSB Written Specification, who writes:
Don’t leave your Linux software stuck on one distribution.

Express Computer: An Introduction to Linux Printing Systems

The March 22, 2004 issue of Express Computer India features this overview of Linux printing systems — from CUPS to LPRng. The OpenPrinting Workgroup of the Free Standards Group is also mentioned:
This workgroup, comprised of many industry experts, is defining APIs and standards that will bring Linux up to speed with its competitors.

ZDNet: Linux Guidelines Get an Upgrade (LSB 2.0)

The Linux Standard Base has kicked off the 30-day public review period for LSB 2.0, as reported by ZDNet in this Jan. 29, 2004 article:

The Free Standards Group…said that LSB 2.0 would be available for public review over the next 30 days via its Web site. Linux Aims for ISO Status reports on the Free Standards Group’s designation by ISO / IEC JTC1 as a PAS submitter (”an organization qualified to submit specs”) and the pending public review of LSB 2.0 — expected to be announced on Jan. 29, 2004.

ISO approval would give Linux an official imprimatur not currently enjoyed by the more pervasive Windows operating system. “Government and large corporations often require ISO certification of their products…This would make Linux a much safer bet.”

LSB Certified: Progeny Componentized Linux Core 1.3

Progeny Componentized Linux Core 1.3, based on Debian sarge, has been LSB Certified. Progeny has also joined the Free Standards Group as a Gold member. Read the news — see Progeny’s press release (Jan. 27, 2004) — and the full list of LSB Certified products.

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