Heise Online: Oracle joins the Free Standards Group

Heise Online writes “Just to show that is serious about its Open Source operating system, Oracle has now joined the Free Standards Group (FSG) as a premium member.”

Sydney Morning Herald: Oracle’s Linux play hits Red Hat

This article from SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) includes news regarding “Oracle’s decision to embrace Linux.”

SDA India: Oracle Becomes a Platinum Member of Free Standards Group

SDA India reports on FSG’s newest member.

IrishDev: Oracle Joins the Free Standards Group As A Platinum Member

IrishDev picks up on FSG’s and Oracle’s joint announcement.

OSDir on Oracle joining the FSG

OSDIR covers the Oracle news.

LinuxWorld: A formalized Linux Standards Based development community emerges

Read more about the LSB Developer Network in this issue of the LinuxWorld Newsletter. FSG Launches Tools, LSB Developers Network With Linux Apps in Mind sums up LinuxPlanet’s interview with Ian Murdock, CTO of the Free Standards Group, regarding the LSB Developers Network.

downloadsquad: Open-source MSDN-like site launch

downloadsquad asks and aswers, “Any Linux developers out there ever wish you had a version of the MSDN motherlode of programming knowledge (except for Linux and free) to help you out? This may be your ticket.”

ComputerWeekly: Developer website set up for Linux

ComputerWeekly reports that the Free Standards Group has set up the LSB Developers Network to rival Microsoft’s.

LinuxPlanet Interviews FSG Executives

LinuxPlanet covers the LSB Developer Network.

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