Whether on the server or the desktop, LSB is about keeping Linux from splintering

This in-depth article from ITJungle states that “the movement of Linux standards from the server to the desktop is sure to help the desktop Linux movement.”

Desktops and Standards at LinuxWorld Toronto

Read up on Jim Zemlin’s session, “Open Source and Freedom: Why Open Standards are Crucial to Protecting your Linux Investment” in NewsForge.

Mission: preventing vendor lock-in

InternetNews sheds light on Jim Zemlin’s mission.

Linux desktop standard ropes in industry heavyweights

iTWire explains how LSB 3.1 “has brought user friendly open source PCs one step closer to reality.”

Red Flag voices approval for LSB 3.1

ChinaTechNews writes that the largest Linux company in China, along with 13 other international Linux leaders, is throwing its support behind LSB 3.1.

FSG makes it easier for Linux to compete with Windows

Read MSNBC’s AP article to find out how the Free Standards Group just made Linux a stronger alternative to Microsoft’s Windows.

Linux vendors rally around LSB 3.1

ComputerWorld reports that LSB 3.1 combines server-level and desktop-level specifications in an effort to make it easier for application developers to target the complete Linux platform.

Benefiting from desktop standardization

Desktop Linux details the benefits of LSB 3.1 and plans for LSB-certification services in North America.

LSB 3.1 unifies Linux desktop standards

eWEEK describes the groundswell of support that has built up for LSB 3.1, the first LSB version to offer explicit Linux desktop application support.

Free Standards Group delivers first fruits of LSB Desktop Project

The release of LSB 3.1 is covered by Computer Business Review.

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