InternetNews Details LSB Updates

Sean Michael Kerner dives in on the specific LSB test tools and updates

PC World: Linux Standard Base Updated

Linux News Desk: LF Builds on Open Source Roots Through Expansion

The folks at SYS-CON today reported on LF’s newest members

Zemlin’s Column on Genesis of LF Appears in EOSM

Check out this month’s LF column in EOSM.

CNET: Linux Foundation Revamps Board

Stephen Shankland reports on LF’s new board members

LinuxInsider: Linux Foundation Announces Diverse Board of Directors

Chris Maxcer interviews Jim Zemlin and LF board members.

InfoWorld Details LF’s New Board Structure

China Martens reports on the new board of directors and its diverse perspectives.

The NWC Interview: Jim Zemlin

Jim talks with Network Computing about how Linux competes with Windows and how The Linux Foundation looks going forward

Red Herring Asks If Linux is Ready for Primetime

The Linux Foundation’s John Cherry tells Red Herring Linux consumer PCs will be less expensive and less vulnerable to security risks

ComputerWeekly Compares Modularity in Linux and Vista

The Linux Foundation’s Ian Murdock comments on package management in Linux and its contribution to overall modularity

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