InternetNews Reports on Opportunities for Preloaded Linux

Check out Sean Michael Kerner’s editorial that points to service, support and marketing as the keys to unlocking PC makers’ delay in preloading Linux.

InternetNews: LF Refines Carrier Grade Linux

InternetNews reporter Sean Michael Kerner takes a look at the changes in CGL 4.0.

LinuxDevices Reports on Release of CGL 4.0

SCOPE Alliance and Linux Foundation’s Executive Director, Jim Zemlin, comment on the new CGL spec.

ZDNet Asia Takes Closer Look at Linspire/Ubuntu Deal

Linux Foundation CTO Ian Murdock talked to Aaron Tan at ZDNet about how the Linspire/Ubuntu partnership addresses fragmentation.

InformationWeek: Linux, Innuendo and Doubt

InformationWeek’s Babcock asks the experts what Ballmer’s repeated comments about open source and IP really mean.

BusinessWeek Reports on Customer Demand for Linux

LF’s Executive Director Jim Zemlin weighs in on Dell’s growing customer demand for Linux.

InternetNews Reports on IDC Prediction: Linux to Reach $40b by 2010

IDC briefed attendees at LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit this week, saying the Linux market would grow from $18 billion today to $40 billion by 2010

E-Commerce Times Reports on Linux vs. Vista Security

John Cherry cuts to chase during an interview with Jack Germain

IBM DeveloperWorks on Portland

IBM DeveloperWorks states “the Portland project improves Linux desktop portability” in this article. Ubuntu/Linspire Partnership

Check out SVN’s article at

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