LSB Certified: Progeny Componentized Linux Core 1.3

Progeny Componentized Linux Core 1.3, based on Debian sarge, has been LSB Certified. Progeny has also joined the Free Standards Group as a Gold member. Read the news — see Progeny’s press release (Jan. 27, 2004) — and the full list of LSB Certified products.

InformationWeek: Open-Source Software to Become More Accessible to the Disabled

This Jan. 22, 2004 InformationWeek article covers the new Free Standards Group Accessibility Workgroup. Some highlights:
Accessiblity and freedom have been touted as the foundation of the open-source community since its inception more than a decade ago…

Mercury News: Disabled to Get Greater Access to Linux

Dean Takahashi of the San Jose Mercury News interviews Janina Sajka on the new Accessibility Workgroup announced by the Free Standards Group in this Jan. 21, 2004 article.

The standards group will make certain the right software is developed so that different speech synthesizers, keyboards and other devices will work with any Linux operating system software or applications…

ZDNet: LSB Certified/Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.3

Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.3 is now LSB Certified on x86 and Itanium (IA64), as well as the IBM iSeries, pSeries, zSeries and S/390 platforms. Read the news — see Red Hat’s press release, the Dec. 11, 2003 article on ZDNet, and the full list of LSB Certified products.

Linux Fever in the East Bay; DevX: GUI Standard for Linux?

Round-up of recent mentions of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) and the Free Standards Group: The Contra Costa Times describes the momentum of “Linux fever” in the East Bay — and beyond — and recognizes the LSB certification program as one factor that has helped Linux gain acceptance in IT.

Government Computer News: DISA Recommends Compliance with Linux Standard

Patricia Daukantas of Government Computer News interviews Rob Walker of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Scott McNeil of the Free Standards Group in this August 5, 2003 article:
DISA today will begin recommending that Defense Department organizations buy and build applications that comply with the Linux Standard Base (LSB), said Rob Walker, DISA’s program manager for the Common Operating Environment.

NewsForge: Analysts Comment on LinuxWorld NY 2003

Barbara French of Tekrati interviews industry analysts on their observations at LinuxWorld New York 2003. George Weiss, Garter vice president and research director in hardware and operating systems is interviewed:
“[Weiss] cited continued strong, unqualified support from major vendors for organizations like the Free Standards Group, OSDL and inhouse technology labs. ‘Standards compliance initiatives — like the Linux Standards Base — are a crucial cog in making this work.’ “ Red Hat and the Linux Standard Base

This essay originally appeared in Red Hat’s “Under the Brim” on August 9, 2002. In it, Red Hat explains why it supports and contributes to the Free Standards Group, the Linux Standard Base and the Linux Internationalization Initiative (Li18nux) and why it’s committed to obtaining LSB Certification by the end of the month.

Aberdeen: Linux Gets a Boost - Standards

Industry research firm Aberdeen has published a report on the Free Standards Group (March 2002). Written by analyst Bill Claybrook, the report poses the question: “The Linux Standard Base: How Will It Benefit Linux?” Read the research abstract here. (Note: Access to the rest of the report requires registration.)
In the report, Claybrook writes:

Gartner: Linux Standard Base aims for single Linux platform

This Gartner Perspective, republished on ZDNet in October 2001, dives right into the technical components of the LSB specification, the LSB test suite and the LSB sample implementation. Gartner also provides its analysis of the technological and business implications of the LSB.

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