Linux Industry Applauds New LSB Release

TechNewsWorld reports that Linux vendors are united in support of LSB 3.1, the first version of the standard to include support for desktop applications.

Ian Murdock joins the FSG

CNET covers Ian Murdock’s appointment as CTO of the FSG.

FSG Plans Indian Testing Center

This publication from India details plans for the FSG to open a testing center in India.

BusinessWeek: A Big Step for Linux in China

BusinessWeek proclaims that the FSG’s certification lab with the Chinese government is a huge step for Linux.

Computerworld: Linux Lab in China will Prevent Fragmentation

Computerworld covers the opening of the new FSG Linux certification lab in China.

China signs up for LSB certification

Techspot details the China lab certification news.

Linux Insider: Worlds Second Linux Lab Opens in China

Linux Insider touts the new FSG Linux certification lab in China.

Novell Releases LSB 3.0 Compliant Version

Novell releases new version of LSB 3.0 interfaces.

Linux Electrons covers the Dwarf standard announcement

Linux Electrons covers the DWARF workgroup announcement.

InformationWeek: Open-Source Startups Throw Coming-Out Party

InformationWeek writes that the approval of the LSB as an ISO standard signifies the maturation of the Linux operating system. Furthermore, the adoption of open standards is seen by software executives as accelerating open-source application development.

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