Network World on merger

NW mentions the good timing of TLF.

Neoseeker: A new group is formed to help Linux break some Windows

Read why the announcement of the new Linux Foundation has one reporter at Neoseeker excited.

SF Examiner: Groups form Linux Foundation

SF Examiner examines merger.

Electronic Engineering Times: HP, IBM, Intel back Linux Foundation

EET article on merger.

TMCnet: OSDL and Free Standards Group to Form New Linux Foundation

Read more about the merger here.

Datamation intervew with Jim Zemlin

Datamation asks Mr. Zemlin some tough questions.

IT Business Edge interviews Jim Zemlin

Read the interview here.

IT Business Edge: The Linux Foundation: Bringing Linux to the Next Level

IT Business Edge reports on the merger.

eChannelLine: Two Linux advancement groups merge into The Linux Foundation

Read about the merger in eChannelLine.

SD Times: OSDL, Free Standards Group Merge over Linux

SD Times prints blurb on merger.

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