NewsForge: ISVs keep Linux Standard Base rolling

The support that the Linux Standard Base has garnered from ISVs signals that the “Linux Standard Base (LSB) has come of age and is now ready to be pushed in new directions to make it more usable and useful.”

TechNewsWorld: ISVs Rally Around Linux Standard Base

Read why analysts think that the Free Standards Group’s announcement of ISV support “marks a big win for the Linux community.”

InfoWorld: Linux Standard Base Gains ISV Support

Ed Scannel reports in his InfoWorld SMB Blog that the Free Standards Group has picked up momentum with the endorsement of the LSB by top tier application vendors including Oracle, IBM’s Software group, Novell, and MYSQL.

ZDNet UK: Linux Standard Base wins more support

Ingrid Marson reports that Veritas, MySQL, and Levanta are among several of the ISVs that are backing the Linux Standard Base, “which should prevent fragmentation and make life easier for developers.”

Expanded ISV Support Gives Linux More Bite

Peter Galli for eWEEK reports that the “Free Standards Group is embarking on an aggressive campaign to recruit independent software vendors as members.”

SearchEnterpriseLinux: FSG rallies against ‘Unix-ization’ of Linux

Read Jan Stafford’s interview with Jim Zemlin to find out how the “Free Standards Group (FSG) is fighting to keep Linux from following the path of Unix, which branched off into several proprietary operating systems, forcing developers to write single-vendor applications. FSG executive director Jim Zemlin is leading that advance and waving the flag of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) all the way.”

OET News: IBM’s Chiphopper Gives ISVs a Running Start to Linux

OET News describes IBM’s new Chiphopper as “a lab-to-marketplace program for ISVs, designed to make Linux an easier target for their existing apps and a more profitable one… For applications written directly to the operating system, IBM takes the most open approach of basing portability on the industry standard Linux Standards Base (LSB) specification maintained by the Free Standards Group (FSB).

LinuxPlanet: Free Standards Group Has Goals in Sight

LinuxPlanet’s Brian Proffitt looks at why the idea of Linux fragmentation may be an urban legend.

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