Free Standards Group Boosts Activities in Asia

LinuxInsider covers FSG’s efforts to prevent Linux fragmentation in Asia.

Korean triumvirate joins FSG with LSB-enrichment plans provides details on three new Korean members of the Free Standards Group.

The FSG Goes to Work in Asia

WebProNews covers the FSG’s recent expansion in Asia.

ZDNet covers FSG Japan news

ZDNet says: “The Free Standards Group (FSG) has roped in Japanese IT powerhouse Fujitsu to support its Linux standardization efforts in Asia.”

Korean article regarding the Free Standards Group

Digital Times, a leading Korean IT publication, reports that FSG will be in attendance at LinuxWorld Korea next month.

Linux goes after the desktop

Australian IT reports on how the FSG is making it easier for developers to write desktop applications for Linux.

LSB 3.1 addresses Desktop Linux’s need for standards

ComputerWorld explains why desktop Linux users need standardisation more than any other customer.

Whether on the server or the desktop, LSB is about keeping Linux from splintering

This in-depth article from ITJungle states that “the movement of Linux standards from the server to the desktop is sure to help the desktop Linux movement.”

Desktops and Standards at LinuxWorld Toronto

Read up on Jim Zemlin’s session, “Open Source and Freedom: Why Open Standards are Crucial to Protecting your Linux Investment” in NewsForge.

Mission: preventing vendor lock-in

InternetNews sheds light on Jim Zemlin’s mission.

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