CRN: IBM ‘Chiphopper’ Ensures ISVs’ Linux Apps Run On All eServers

Paula Rooney for CRN reports that IBM will be launching “Chiphopper”, a new program that will be “a reference implementation of the LSB that tests C and C++ code specifically for IBM systems

ZDNet UK: Microsoft debases Linux standards

Nick McGrath, head of platform strategy at Microsoft, says the LSB “will be a big challenge for the Linux community — commercial advantage is what most organisations are looking for.” However, as ZDNet UK reports in its February 1st 2005 issue, this charge is being rejected by major Linux vendors who have demonstrated their ability to cooperate by pledging support to the LSB.

Eweek: Plans to Parcel Linux Standard Base Meet with Approval

Eweek asks “will a revised LSB help keep Linux from suffering from the fragmentation that perpetually bedeviled Unix?” Read the answer in the February 3 2005 issue of Eweek.

Eweek: New Industry Consortium Rallies Around Linux Standard Base

In its November 16, 2004 issue, Eweek reports on the debut of the Linux Core Consortium, with implementation of the LSB 2.0 serving as its common core.

Newsforge: Publication of “Building Applications with the Linux Standards Base”

The publication of “Building Applications with the Linux Standards Base” is announced by IBM Press on November 12th, 2004.
This publication will be “the authoritative hands-on guide for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and other Linux application and software developers on how to create, test and certify software to be LSB 2.0-compliant.”

Computerworld: Version 2.0 of Linux Standard Base specs now available

On September 16, 2004, Computerworld outlines the major additions that have been made to the specifications of the newly released LSB 2.0.

Eweek: Linux Standard Base Takes on Industry Fragmentation

In the September 14, 2004 issue of Eweek, read why industry analysts believe LSB 2.0 can help prevent the fragmentation of Linux.

CNET Linux standard gains big-name backers

The September 13, 2004 issue of CNET summarizes the support garnered by the Free Standards Group for LSB 2.0.
“A number of software makers and well-known IT vendors have agreed to endorse the Free Standards Group’s latest Linux standard to help create common ground for companies building open-source technologies.” Free Standards Group To Standardize Linux

The September 13, 2004 issue of reports on the release of LSB 2.0.

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