LinuxElectrons: Free Standards Group Launches LSB Developer Network

LinuxElectrons reports on the FSG’s partnership with O’Reilly in creating a central, community-based source of information for software developers writing portable Linux applications.

ZDNet UK: Mandriva releases LSB-compliant enterprise server

ZDNet UK reports that Mandriva’s Corporate Server 4.0 is “fully compliant with the Linux Standard Base, meaning it’s interoperable with other LSB-compliant operating systems.”

ZDNet: Gartner Praises the LSB

ZDNET recently published an interview with Gartner VP Dion Wiggins where he praised the LSB.

Digital Silence: MySQL, RealPlayer Certify to Linux Standard Base

Digital Silence picks up on the announcement of two Linux applications certifying to the LSB.

Linux Today: Time to Get Serious

Brian Proffitt writes an excellent editorial and call to action for the community to get behind the LSB and counter Microsoft’s FUD.

Brockmeier: LinuxWorld day three

Joe “Zonker” Brockmeier attends the “LSB Desktop: Benefitting Application Developers Now” presentation at LinuxWorld SF.

The Hosting News: MySQL, RealPlayer, Get Linux Standard Base Certification

The Hosting News reports on FSG’s announcement at LinuxWorld SF.

LWN covers FSG printing news

LWN writes on the merging of and Open Printing under the auspices of the FSG here.

DesktopLinux covers

DesktopLinux says about merging with Open Printing: “The result is expected to be easier and more standardized printing functionality on Linux, and better support for Linux and printing vendors, FSG spokeswoman Amanda McPherson said.

Newsforge: MySQL and RealPlayer Certify to the LSB

Newsforge covers the recent news that two leading applications will now be LSB certified.

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