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This essay originally appeared in Red Hat’s “Under the Brim” on August 9, 2002. In it, Red Hat explains why it supports and contributes to the Free Standards Group, the Linux Standard Base and the Linux Internationalization Initiative (Li18nux) and why it’s committed to obtaining LSB Certification by the end of the month.

Aberdeen: Linux Gets a Boost - Standards

Industry research firm Aberdeen has published a report on the Free Standards Group (March 2002). Written by analyst Bill Claybrook, the report poses the question: “The Linux Standard Base: How Will It Benefit Linux?” Read the research abstract here. (Note: Access to the rest of the report requires registration.)
In the report, Claybrook writes:

Gartner: Linux Standard Base aims for single Linux platform

This Gartner Perspective, republished on ZDNet in October 2001, dives right into the technical components of the LSB specification, the LSB test suite and the LSB sample implementation. Gartner also provides its analysis of the technological and business implications of the LSB.

Computerworld: Linux Road Map Needed

Nicholas Petreley, until recently a skeptic of the LSB, shares his views on what he finds encouraging about recent developments in the Free Standards Group, the LSB 1.0 specification and the vendors who support it in this September 2001 Computerworld article:

Network World: New Linux Standard Base promises one app fits all

In this informative July 2001 article, Deni Connor of Network World interviews Alan Cox, Eric Raymond and an IT manager at a Chicago financial services software firm to get their views on the implications of LSB 1.0.
Here’s what they said:
A specification unveiled last week may hasten the day IT managers can buy a Linux application and be confident it will run on any vendor’s version of the open source operating system… Linux Programming Standards

Here is’s take on the release of LSB 1.0. The article takes note of the many vendors who have announced support for the LSB, and urges vendors and the community to take the next step of implementing the LSB and the LDPS.
An excerpt from the opinion piece: Ny standard forenkler Linux-programmering

News of the release of the first LSB specification reaches Norway in this July 4, 2001 article that appeared on (Note: Article appears in Norwegian.)

InfoWorld: First version of Linux programming standard released

Ed Scannell of InfoWorld covered the release of LSB 1.0 in this July 3, 2001 article that was syndicated throughout the network. He interviews a programmer working for “a large Houston-based oil company” on his views of why the LSB is important:

CNET: Linux standard eases programming

June 2, 2001 - CNET heralds the Free Standards Group’s release of version 1.0 of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) specification. We’ve done it! Hurray!
Highlights from the article:

An industry group has released the first version of a standard designed to make it easier to write Linux software by guaranteeing that different versions of Linux work similarly.

NewsForge: LSB within a month of first release

That sound you hear is the drumroll leading up to the widely anticipated release of LSB 1.0. NewsForge gets in on the action.
Tina Gasperson writes:

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