Newsforge: LSB to standardize the desktop

Newsforge says the LSB Desktop workgroup has garnered widespread support

ComputerWeekly: Key players back industry standards

ComputerWeekly interviews new FSG member CA.

ADT Magazine: Industry Unites Behind LSB

ADTMagazine explains the LSB desktop project.

LinuxWorld: Linux Standard Base Reaches Critical Mass

LinuxWorld magazine states that with CA’s joining, the FSG has reached critical mass.

ComputerWeekly: CA Throws its Weight Behind LSB

ComputerWeekly covers CA joining the FSG and the release of LSB 3.0.

ZDNet: LSB simplifies Linux development

ZDNet touts the C++ enhancement in the latest version of the LSB.

LinuxNews covers LSB 3.0

You can read the details of LSB 3.0 in this article

eWeek: Windows Beat Unix, But It Won’t Beat Linux

In this excellent editorial eWeek says, “Bring it on, Microsoft. Linux is ready for you.”

The Computer Business Review Profiles the FSG

This article details the joining of CA and the launch of LSB.

Newsforge announces new FSG members

In this article, Joe Brockmeier examines the new members of the Free Standards Group and the LSB 3.0.

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