CNET: Linux standard eases programming

June 2, 2001 - CNET heralds the Free Standards Group’s release of version 1.0 of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) specification. We’ve done it! Hurray!
Highlights from the article:

An industry group has released the first version of a standard designed to make it easier to write Linux software by guaranteeing that different versions of Linux work similarly.

NewsForge: LSB within a month of first release

That sound you hear is the drumroll leading up to the widely anticipated release of LSB 1.0. NewsForge gets in on the action.
Tina Gasperson writes:

ZDNet: Giving Linux a home base

Evan Leibovitch continues his interpretation of the history of the LSB. He argues that “the LSB has been working on the tough and unsexy tasks of defining a standard, creating a sample implementation, and testing for compliance.” (Unsexy?) Evan also hits on several recent LSB milestones (LDPS 1.1, Li18nux, FHS 2.2), applauds the participation of The Open Group, and pines for the anticipated release of LSB 1.0. (For now, he says, “I think it has been correct to do it right rather than rush it.”)

CNET: Linux standardization efforts move ahead

CNET reports on the release of LDPS 1.1, as well as version 2.2 of the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard and version 0.6 of the LSB specification.
Excerpts from the article:

SD Times: Open Source Watch: Who’s In Charge Here?

SD Times has an interesting article by J.D. Hildebrand that lists what he views as the key “organized consortia, work groups and standard bodies” that “loosely govern” the open-source world. As of December 1, 2000, when the article was originally published, the Free Standards Group was at the top of his list (well, nearly).
Here’s how he describes the Free Standards Group: Australia: Will App Specs Achieve What Unix Couldn’t?

This colorful and very spirited op ed piece by Bill Bennett, which originally appeared on ( on October 16, 2000, asks, “Will App Specs Achieve What Unix Couldn’t?” and is sure to spark some controversy — it’s complete with references to dinosaurs, libertarianism, Stalinism, and techno-fascism, as he makes his point about why the Free Standards Group’s efforts with the LDPS are so important and why he hopes that the Free Standards Group succeeds! First Linux development platform standards released

Live from the Third Annual Atlanta Linux Showcase 2000: Todd Weiss of Computerworld reports on the Free Standards Group’s release of the first version of the Linux Development Platform Specification. Read the article as seen on
Excerpts from the article:

Advisor: Specifications to lead to interoperability across Linux distributions

This article, which appeared in the Linux “Advisor Zone” on October 13, 2000, summarizes the Free Standards Group’s announcement of the release of LDPS 1.0, the Linux Development Platform Specification.

VNUnet: Linux group releases apps specification

The Silicon Valley correspondent for of the UK covers the release of LDPS 1.0 in this rather straightforward article that appeared on October 12, 2000. Linux group seeks to enhance portability

In this October 11, 2000 article, Thor Olavsrud covers the release of the first version of the Linux Development Platform Specification (LDPS), calling it “a much needed boost” for “organizations interested in the development of Linux.” He notes that 23 organizations have announced their support for LDPS 1.0, including leading Linux vendors and hardware vendors.

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