VNUnet: Linux group releases apps specification

The Silicon Valley correspondent for of the UK covers the release of LDPS 1.0 in this rather straightforward article that appeared on October 12, 2000. Linux group seeks to enhance portability

In this October 11, 2000 article, Thor Olavsrud covers the release of the first version of the Linux Development Platform Specification (LDPS), calling it “a much needed boost” for “organizations interested in the development of Linux.” He notes that 23 organizations have announced their support for LDPS 1.0, including leading Linux vendors and hardware vendors.

ZDNet: One for All

Evan Leibovitch reviews the history of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) in this May 16, 2000 article on ZDNet. Includes quotes from Dan Quinlan, who says:

“We have a good group of people…and they’re all focused on what we need to do.”

Advisor: Standardizing Linux

This May 12, 2000 article in Advisor magazine observes that the LSB and LI18NUX have merged to form the Free Standards Group, and explains what the new group will do this way: Free Standards Group - Open-Source-Initiativen fusionieren

News of the LSB and LI18NUX joining forces to start the Free Standards Group has reached Germany, in this article that appeared on May 9, 2000 in (Note: Article appears in German.) See also a similar article that was posted on

Computerworld: Two Linux groups combine into one

In this May 8, 2000 article in Computerworld, Dominique Deckmyn writes about the Linux Standard Base Project and the Linux Internationalization Initiative joining forces to form the Free Standards Group. He interviews analysts Dan Kusnetzky of IDC and Stacey Quandt of Giga Information Group, as well as the Free Standards Group’s very own Dan Quinlan.
This quote from analyst Dan Kusnetzky of IDC says it all:

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