Ostatic: 2012 Linux Retrospectives Highlight a Remarkable Year

It's that time of year, when media outlets and blogs everywhere round up the biggest events of 2012. In the world of open source, this year gave rise to many milestones. Here are some of the better look backs at 2012's Linux milestones, including a new video from The Linux Foundation on the heights Linux hit in 2012.

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Meghan M. Biro writes: Many of my clients have created community manager roles.

Wired Op-Ed by Jim Zemlin: The Next Battleground for Open v. Closed? Your Car.

It all seems upside down: a major toy company releases its first tablet; a major search company works on its first car. Yet all of this makes sense when you realize everyone just wants to be – or may already be – in the mobile device business. Including car companies.

TechCrunch: Coming to a Car Near You: Linux Goes Automotive

If, one day, we really are all going to be carted around in driverless cars from the likes of Google and others, then we may as well have some apps on board to keep us occupied.

Wired: Linux Drives the Open Source Car

The major roadblock to the rapid adoption of technology in cars has always been vehicles’ long production cycles. But automakers are also guilty of hampering wide-scale innovation with their proprietary approach to infotainment systems and software, while dragging their feet on a collaborative, open source solution that would benefit consumers and car tech overall.

InternetNews: Why Linux Foundation Works

Not all Open Source foundations are created equal. Over the last 15 years that I've been actively engaged in open source activities I've seen more than my fair share of open source foundations go bust. I've also seen a few do really well.

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Engadget: Linux Foundation Forms Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup

It doesn't take much driving to notice that many in-car infotainment systems are custom-built and locked down tight. The Linux Foundation sees it differently and wants our cars to embrace the same notions of common roots and open code that we'd find in an Ubuntu box.

Forbes: The Battle to Become the "Linux of the Cloud"

Reuven Cohen writes:

In the business world, money has long been the dominant success benchmark.  A hundred years ago being a millionaire was enough, today it’s about being a billionaire.  In open source software however, things are a bit different.  Success is often defined not only by how much money is made, but instead by a company or project’s level of community contribution, involvement and participation.  The gold standard for this type of success has long been the Linux Operating system.

WebProNews: Linux Foundation Finds a Friend in Twitter

Zach Walton writes:

The Linux Foundation is one of the best non-profits you can support. You may use Windows or OS X for your computer, but they wouldn’t be half as good as they are if it weren’t for Linux. In short – Linux is in everything. The continued success of the Foundation rests upon more major players in the tech community joining.

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BusinssInsider: Twitter Puts Money Behind Linux

Julie Bort writes:

The Linux Foundation today announced that it has a new big-name member: Twitter.

Twitter is a big user of Linux. So the real-time information network has stepped up to become an official, paying sponsor of the organization that oversees Linux.

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