TechCrunch: Twitter Joins Linux Foundation

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ArsTechnica: Twitter Joins Linux Foundation Fight for Open Source

Jon Brodkin writes:

Twitter has joined the Linux Foundation, making its commitment to open source software just a bit more official. Like many operators of high-traffic websites, Twitter relies on open source throughout its data centers, with Linux servers hosting workloads and software projects that make it easier to handle big data and serve up Web content.

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Forbes: Who Created the Internet?

The intellectual property embedded in the software and standards that underlie the Internet represent billions of dollars of assets. (In 2008 the Linux ecosystem alone was valued at $25B.) These assets are often managed by non-profit foundations like the Linux Foundation, the Apache Foundation and the Wikimedia Foundation. These non-business and non-government 501c3 organizations are charged with maintaining their valuable assets for the public good.

ComputerWeekly: Linus Torvalds to Speak at LinuxCon Europe

Torvalds himself will be talking about the latest developments to the kernel in person at the LinuxCon Europe and Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) taking place in Barcelona Nov. 5-7, 2012.


WSJ: Google's Android Can Succeed in Business, Linux Leader Says

So far, Android devices have sold well, especially in the consumer sector. But some CIOs–such as Terex’s Greg Fell–have steered clear of the open source platform, largely due to concerns about security.  We asked Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin, who has a wide range of experience at companies such as Western Wireless (now T-Mobile USA), Corio and Covalent Technologies, to assess Android’s future in the enterprise. Here’s what he had to say.

Scholarship Times: 2012 Linux Training Scholarship Program

The annual Linux Foundation Linux Training Scholarship Program aims to extend the reach of learning opportunities each year to computer science students, Linux developers and architects who show incredible promise for helping to shape the future of Linux but do not otherwise have the ability to attend Linux Foundation training courses. Five scholarships will be awarded and each will cover the expense for one course from The Linux Foundation’s course catalog, a value averaging more than $2,500.

Want a Linux Job? Time to Go Back to Class

IT industry trends such as cloud computing have changed the types of technical job skills that companies need, which means there are a number of open SysAdmin jobs and very few candidates with the right set of skills.

In fact, there are 12,606 Linux jobs available as of June 2012 -- up 13% year over year, according to a recent survey conducted by, an IT career website.

Linus Torvalds Splits Tech 'Nobel' with Stem Cell Pioneer

Question: What do Linux and stem cell research have in common? Answer: They’re both considered “life-enhancing technical innovations” by the Technology Acadamy Finland, a foundation that is awarding a prestigious award called the Millennnium Technology Prize in Helsinki today.


Engadget: Samsung Becomes Platinum Member of The Linux Foundation

Samsung's business virtually revolves around open-source code and Linux, both through obvious software like Android and Tizen as well as behind-the-scenes code for TVs and even home appliances. It almost shouldn't be a surprise, then, that the company just became a Platinum-level member of the Linux Foundation, giving it much more control over how the platform advances.

NYT: Samsung Backs Open Source, Joining Linux Foundation

Samsung on Tuesday said it was becoming a platinum member of the Linux Foundation, giving $500,000 to the nonprofit in support of the Linux system and the open-source projects related to it. The membership status gives Samsung a seat on the foundation’s board, allowing it to have more of a say in how Linux is developed.

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