eWeek: Linux 3.10 Goes Long Term: Why It Matters for the Enterprise, Consumers

Linux kernel developers have selected a new long-term kernel that could serve as the basis for enterprise Linux distributions as well as consumer electronics devices.

Electronic Design: Interview: Mike Woster Discusses The Yocto Project

Have you heard about the Yocto Project? Even if you use Linux or write applications for Linux you may not know about it. It is essentially tools for making tools. In this case, it is for making Linux to run on that custom piece of hardware you just designed so you can write the software to make it work.

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The Var Guy: Samsung, Mobile Device Market Drive Linux, Open Source Hiring

Samsung is hiring Linux and open source professionals as never before. That may come as little surprise given the company's investment in Google (GOOG) Android tablets and other mobile devices, but it also suggests that the Linux Foundation was right when earlier this year it proclaimed soaring demand—and remarkably high pay rates—for people with open source talent.

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The VAR Guy: OpenStack, Big Data, MySQL on Tap at LinuxCon/CloudOpen 2013

The VAR Guy captures its picks for this year's all things Linux and open cloud conferences. 

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Bloomberg TV: Is Most of Modern Society Run by Linux?

Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin discusses the ubiquity of Linux
in supercomputers, Televisions, smartphones and "most of modern society" with
Cory Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

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InfoWorld: The future of Linux: Evolving everywhere

Cemented as a cornerstone of IT, the open source OS presses on in the face of challenges to its ethos and technical prowess.

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Business Insider: 12 Unexpected Things That Exist Because Of Linux

It feels like Linux doesn't get enough love.

Apple's OS X and Microsoft's Windows operating systems are always in the  spotlight, but the free and open-source Linux quietly churns away to power a  surprising number of everyday or unusual items.

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, told us, "You use  Linux every day but you don't know it. It's such a fundamental part of our  lives.

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GigaOm: ARM servers get a webscale win with Xen hypervisor support

The newest version of the Xen hypervisor will support servers that use ARM-based chips, according to a Tuesday announcement from the Linux Foundation. This is a big deal in bringing ARM-based servers into the webscale data center since many large-scale cloud providers are using the Xen hypervisor.

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eWeek: Intel, Samsung Kick Off App Contest for Tizen OS

The tech giants are looking to ramp up the number of mobile apps for Tizen with a contest that will offer $4 million in prizes.

Intel and Samsung Electronics are looking to boost their nascent Tizen mobile operating system with an app developer contest that will offer more than $4 million in cash prizes.

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Network World: A Look at 22 Linux Foundation Newbies

Given the open-source community's emphasis on being inclusive and welcoming to as many contributors as possible, it's perhaps unsurprising that the Linux Foundation – an umbrella group working to promote and support the use of Linux – has already added no fewer than 22 new corporate members this year. Here's a look at the companies that joined up.

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