Wired IT: Programmare per Android: dalla Linux Foundation un corso per principianti

"La Linux Foundation ha avviato negli scorsi giorni un progetto davvero interessante: Android Programming for Beginners. Si tratta di un programma per imparare le basi della programmazione per il Robottino, destinato a tutti gli appassionati che vogliono cimentarsi non tanto e non solo nella creazione di applicazioni, ma interfacciarsi direttamente con il proprio dispositivo."

Bloomberg: Samsung to Sell Tizen-Based Smartphones After Motorola Deal

Samsung Electronics Co. (005930), the world’s largest seller of mobile phones, said it will start selling smartphones this year featuring the Tizen operating system backed by Intel Corp.

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Forbes: 10 Predictions For The Mobile Industry In 2013

As we enter 2013 it’s only fitting to present a few predictions for the sector that’s become as important to established tech as technology itself to the makers of cars, consumer goods and services. With a little help from analysts, entrepreneurs and researchers, here are 10 forecasts on the big changes we’ll see for telecommunications and mobile technology in 2013. 

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The VAR Guy: What Linux Did in the Cloud and Desktop in 2012

As we noted last week, the Linux Foundation‘s list of major Linux-related accomplishments over the last year centered on advances in embedded and mobile platforms more than on traditional hardware. The Linux Foundation’s summary aside, however, there were plenty of openvsource achievements in other areas that are worth noting before the outgoing years passes us by.

Ostatic: 2012 Linux Retrospectives Highlight a Remarkable Year

It's that time of year, when media outlets and blogs everywhere round up the biggest events of 2012. In the world of open source, this year gave rise to many milestones. Here are some of the better look backs at 2012's Linux milestones, including a new video from The Linux Foundation on the heights Linux hit in 2012.

Read more at Ostatic Leaders Go Social: 5 Ways to Awesome Community

Meghan M. Biro writes: Many of my clients have created community manager roles.

Wired Op-Ed by Jim Zemlin: The Next Battleground for Open v. Closed? Your Car.

It all seems upside down: a major toy company releases its first tablet; a major search company works on its first car. Yet all of this makes sense when you realize everyone just wants to be – or may already be – in the mobile device business. Including car companies.

TechCrunch: Coming to a Car Near You: Linux Goes Automotive

If, one day, we really are all going to be carted around in driverless cars from the likes of Google and others, then we may as well have some apps on board to keep us occupied.

Wired: Linux Drives the Open Source Car

The major roadblock to the rapid adoption of technology in cars has always been vehicles’ long production cycles. But automakers are also guilty of hampering wide-scale innovation with their proprietary approach to infotainment systems and software, while dragging their feet on a collaborative, open source solution that would benefit consumers and car tech overall.

InternetNews: Why Linux Foundation Works

Not all Open Source foundations are created equal. Over the last 15 years that I've been actively engaged in open source activities I've seen more than my fair share of open source foundations go bust. I've also seen a few do really well.

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