Forbes: Geek Picture of the Day

A 1999 picture of Linux creator Linus Torvalds makes picture of the day on

TechCrunch: What Startups Can Learn from Linux

Scott Merrill posts today about what startups, including Facebook, can learn from Linux... More at TechCrunch

BusinessWeek: HP Plans September Release of Open Source webOS

BusinessWeek's Aaron Ricadela talks to Jim Zemlin about HP's webOS roadmap.

TechCrunch: Linux Foundation Expects Gains for Enterprise Linux in 2012

Scott Merrill reports on today's report "Linux Adoption Trends 2012"

Cloud Pro: Linux: A Strategic Asset for Cloud, Big Data

Jennifer Scott reports on the cloud- and big data-specific stats from The Linux Foundation's "Linux Adoption Trends 2012" report.

ZDNet: Big Business, Big Linux

Steven Vaughan-Nichols reports on the latest report from The Linux Foundation: "Linux Adoption Trends 2012: A Survey of Enterprise End Users."

ComputerWorld UK: Interview with Jim Zemlin

Glyn Moody recently interviewed Jim Zemlin while in Prague. Here are the details from that conversation.

ZDNet: Finding a Linux Job

Steven Vaughan-Nichols reports on some additional insights from the upcoming Linux Foundation Linux Jobs infographic.

IT World: Dowsing Linux Jobs and Skills

Brian Proffitt takes a close look at the data surfaced in The Linux Foundation's latest snapshot on Linux jobs.

LinuxInsider: Open Source and the Open Road

The Linux Foundation's Rudolf Streif is interviewed in this story about Linux's role in the cars of the future.

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