Ostatic: Linux Foundation Report Shows Enterprises Warming Up to Linux

Just this week I did a post on how much in demand Linux skills are in the job market. They are in demand, of course, because Linux is increasingly being used in enterprises--and not just at the server level. New research from The Linux Foundation in its report  "Linux Adoption: Third Annual Surey of World's Largest Enterprise Linux Users" confirms this fact.


PCWorld: Linux use in enterprises jumps again, survey says

The past two years have already seen significant jumps in corporate Linux usage, but now it looks like that trend is continuing into a third year.


Baseline: Dice: Demand for Linux Talent Is Higher than Ever

It is considered the most ubiquitous and popular free open-source operating system. And if you demonstrate IT skills in this field, you're setting yourself up for a lucrative in-demand career.

Read more at Baseline.

PC World: Gender gap? In tech salaries, it’s all gone, Dice reports

The field of IT is notorious for being persistently male-dominated, but that doesn’t mean women still suffer from a gender gap when it comes to pay. In fact, the compensation gender gap has disappeared for tech according to the latest salary survey from IT careers site Dice.

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Dice: Demand for Linux Talent Is Higher than Ever

Read more at Dice.

Wall Street Journal: Big Data Puts Linux Talent in Hot Demand

Big Data is driving demand for professionals with Linux programming skills, according to a survey from Dice Holdings Inc. and the Linux Foundation. But a talent shortage makes it challenging to find experienced Linux professionals.

Read more at Wall Street Journal. (Subscription required.)

eWeek: Linux Professionals Receive Higher Salaries: Dice

As the U.S. jobs recovery steadily inches forward, the market for Linux professionals continues to leap ahead, with 93 percent of hiring managers planning to hire a Linux pro in the next six months, according to a survey from career and employment site

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Wall Street & Technology: Looking for A New Tech Job? Brush Up on Your Linux Skills

A new survey has shown that recruiters are aggressively seeking Linux professionals to fill positions, with 93% of hiring managers saying they will hire a Linux pro in the next six months.

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InfoWorld: Linux-savvy IT pros are in high demand, low supply

Linux skills are in high demand in the IT world, with 93 percent of hiring managers looking to hire a Linux professional in the next six months. But that's only if they can find any with sufficient skills, a task that's proving quite challenging.

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VentureBeat: Hiring managers: “A good Linux-head is hard to find”

A new report shows Linux experience is in greater demand — and, hiring managers say, harder to find — than in past years.

Read more at VentureBeat.

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