The Inquirer: Jim Zemlin explains how OSS is driving new cloud technologies

"Nowhere are we seeing more open source and collaborative development than in cloud computing" wrote Linux Foundation executive director, Jim Zemlin in a column for The Inquirer. Read the full article for Zemlin's thoughts on why open source is driving this rapid rate of development and how IT can keep up. 

NetworkWorld: Jim Zemlin on the possibility of an open Microsoft

As Microsoft publically considers an open source future, developers, users, and industry experts reflect on this possibility. NetworkWorld looks to Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, to comment on the requirements of collaborative development. 

InformationWeek: Linux security strides

Charles Babcock shares a slideshow of 8 Linux security improvements in 8 years with InformationWeek.  

ZDNet: Linux is for all ages

Steven Vaughan-Nichols explores how Linux is making an impact across generations in his story for ZDNet, which profiles 84-year-old James Anderson and 13-year-old Zachary Dupont.

Threatpost: The past, present, and future of OpenSSL, including CII audit.

Threatpost shares the story of OpenSSL and what lies ahead, including details on the support from Linux Foundation's Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII.)

eWeek: 5 key steps for Linux job seekers

Referencing key statistics from the 2015 Linux Jobs Report, eWeek shares 5 steps for Linux job seekers to help them stand out from a crowd of prospective applicants.  

SC Magazine: Enterprise use of open source increasing, but more vulnerability checks needed.

According to a recent study from Black Duck Software and North Bridge, less than 3% of businesses don't use open source in any capacity. Despite this strength, the study also revealed a lack of monitoring for security vulnerabilities.

Forbes: Ubiquitous web encryption is closer thanks to Let's Encrypt

The Linux Foundation's newest collaboration, Let's Encrypt, is a free, automated, and open certificate authority for the benefit of the public. Services like this one are all the more important in today's climate of web traffic interception and privacy invasion. Forbes reports about one such malicious development in China called The Great Cannon and how Let's Encrypt can help.

TechRepublic: Growing Linux job market outpaces server growth

"In the future, it's very likely that we'll talk more than ever for the crushing need for Linux expertise in the job market, without there being much of a paid Linux server market to speak of," says a recent article on the growing Linux job market. Read more from TechRepublic. Linux is expanding in high reliability industrial, automotive and aerospace systems

New Linux Foundation corporate members (announced at the 2015 Embedded Linux Conference) reflect how Linux is growing beyond computing and consumer markets. Read more about its expansion into hi-rel on

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