InfoWorld: New Open API Initiative intends to make next-gen APIs easier work with

New Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, the Open API Initiaitve, will build on top of the Swagger specification to advance ease of API use, says InfoWorld

New York Times: Jim Zemlin shares preventable measures for Internet security

Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin comments on preventative measures for Internet security in this New York Times blog. 

The Inquirer: Jim Zemlin shares thoughts on secure code & Linux community

Jim Zemlin shares thoughts on security, community, and the 'new breed' of coders in this article from The Inquirer.

InfoWorld: How the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is shaping the next-gen enterprise cloud

InfoWorld shares an introduction to the work and goals of the Linux Foundation-hosted Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF.) "It will play a pivotal role in the future of enterprise computing," says Eric Knorr

ZDNet: The Internet as we know it runs on Linux

ZDNet reviews the new Linux Foundation "World Without Linux" video, agreeing that the Internet wouldn't be what it is today without Linux. 

ReadWrite: The monetary and transformative values of software

"The real value of software is not how much it would cost to replicate, but how much it transforms one's business," writes Matt Asay for ReadWrite about the Linux Foundation's new report. 

Forbes: Jim Zemlin on the status, value, and impact of open source

Forbes speaks with Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin about the footprint of OSS, the value of collaborative projects, and more. 

InformationWeek: New Linux Foundation report lists open source code value at 5 billion

The newest Linux Foundation report illustrates " the relevancy and economic importance of collaboration," explains InformationWeek.

ZDNet: The importance of Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects

"The Linux Foundation, while it started primarily as a way to support Linux, has mastered what it calls Distributed Genius," writes Stephen J. Vaughan Nichols for ZDNet. "This is the idea that collaboration can beat competition."

Datamation: Jim Zemlin explains how and why the Linux Foundation will continue to grow

In a recent video interview with Datamation, Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin talks about collaborative projects and their importance for the growth of FOSS and the foundation.  

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