Plumbers Conference Full Speaker Line-up & Early-Bird Registration Reminder

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Accepted Speakers Announcement and Early Bird Registration Reminder
Linux Plumbers Conference
17-19 September 2008
Portland, Oregon USA

Speakers Announcement and Early Bird Registration Reminder

The list of accepted talks for Linux Plumbers Conf is now available:

Speakers and topics include “The Btrfs Filesystem: Design, Status and
Goals” by Chris Mason, “From Naught to Sixty in 5 Seconds (Making Boot
Fast)” by Arjan van de Ven and Auke Kok, and “Graphics Drivers in the
Kernel: 20 years late” by Dave Airlie and Jesse Barnes. Talks will be
followed by round-table discussion about the direction of future
development in the project. This is an excellent opportunity for
vendors, distributions, hardware manufacturers, and Linux developers
to influence the technical direction of these subsystems. See the
LPC speakers page for a complete list of topics.

New Microconference on Early Boot and Init

Dave Jones, the Fedora kernel maintainer, will be running a new
microconference on early boot and init. Topics include standardizing
early boot across distributions and improving boot time.
Representatives from various distros can discuss existing features,
difficult problems, and solutions relating to early boot and init.

Early Bird Registration Closes August 18th

The conference registration fee increases from $250 to $300 on August
18th. Register here:

The student registration fee is $50. Students are encouraged to
register by August 18th.

About the conference

The Linux Plumbers Conference is a developer conference for the open
source community. LPC brings together the top developers working on
the “plumbing” of Linux - kernel subsystems, core libraries, windowing
system, etc. - and gives them three days to work together on core
design problems. LPC is co-located with and held directly following
the 2008 Kernel Summit, in Portland, Oregon.

Major sponsors of the Linux Plumbers Conference include Intel, IBM,
and NetApp. The LPC is underwritten by the Linux Foundation. LPC is
a revenue-neutral event.

Linux Plumbers Conference
17-19 September 2008
Portland, Oregon USA