CUPS Tutorial on the Linux Kongress 2002

The New Generation of Printing: CUPS and Foomatic

A Tutorial from Till Kamppeter and Kurt Pfeifle

Instructions for Contributors

database/lpdmustdie LPD Must Die!

I'm starting a new campaign--a crusade for the death of LPD.

LPD has a number of problems:


Printer Compatibility Database

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The OpenPrinting database contains a wealth of information about specific printers, along with extensive driver information, the drivers themselves, basic specifications, and an associated set of configuration tools.




beh - The Backend Error Handler

Very annoying with CUPS is that when an error on the communication between the CUPS backend and the printer occurs, CUPS disables the print queue and to be able to continue printing an administrator (root access required) has to re-enable the queue. It is not enough to simply fix the printer's communication problem (like turning it on, fixing the network connection, ...).

database/aboutfoomatic Foomatic History

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