We have resources to help with printing under free operating systems like GNU/Linux and the BSDs or under commercial UNIX-like systems such as Solaris and Mac OS X. Looking for configuration or driver help? Try our CUPS Quick Start or look for your printer in the OpenPrinting Database. For more detail, try Till's Tutorial. If all else fails, ask a human in the forums. Researching a printer purchase? Simply browse our database. Looking for software? We host Foomatic, cups-filtersprinter driver packages, and some other programs. Want to help? Here's how.

OpenPrinting Summit 2015 together with PWG Meeting in Sunnyvale, California on April 28 - May 1

The next edition of our annual meeting, the OpenPrinting Summit is approaching! As usual it is held together with the PWG (Printing Working Group) Meeting, this time in Sunnyvale, California. We invite again printer manufacturers, developers of Linux printing components as CUPS, Ghostscript, Color Management, desktops, applications, of Linux distributions, ... to plan and discuss on making printing under Linux "just work". This time the sessions are again integrated with the sessions of the PWG, an OS-independent standardization organization for digital printing.

OpenPrinting Summit 2014 together with PWG Meeting in Toronto, Canada on August 12-15

Our annual meeting, the OpenPrinting Summit is approaching! This time it is held together with the PWG (Printing Working Group) Meeting in Toronto, Canada. We invite again printer manufacturers, developers of Linux printing components as CUPS, Ghostscript, Color Management, desktops, applications, of Linux distributions, ... to plan and discuss on making printing under Linux "just work". This time the sessions are again integrated with the sessions of the PWG, an OS-independent standardization organization for digital printing.

OpenPrinting is participating in Google Summer of Code 2014

This year two students are working on OpenPrinting projects:

  • Daniel Dressler: IPP Everywhere for USB printers: Add IPP-over-USB support to CUPS/Linux
  • Joseph Simon: Complete IPP Everwhere support of CUPS: rastertopdf filter to accept PWG Raster as input format


PDF is the standard print job format from CUPS 1.6.x on

All important desktop applications (GTK/GNOME, Qt/KDE, LibreOffice/, Firefox, Thunderbird, ...) send print jobs in PDF and not in PostScript any more by default. In addition, a complete CUPS filter chain to process print jobs in PDF is available and used.

CUPS author Mike Sweet/Apple have decided to not include the Linux-specific CUPS filters in the upstream CUPS source any more and we have agreed to maintain them at OpenPrinting. Here we have done some clean-up and have discontinued the filters for the PostScript-centric workflow in favor of the PDF workflow, meaning that the upstream standard for CUPS under Linux (using CUPS plus our cups-filters package) is the PDF-based job processing, letting every non-PDF input be converted to PDF first, page management options being applied by a pdftopdf filter and Ghostscript being called with PDF as input.

Only exception is if the input data is PostScript and the printer is a PostScript printer or the printer driver requires PostScript as input. The we do not turn PostScript into PDF and back into PostScript but pass the PostScript through the pstops filter as before.

Having this workflow we ask all driver developers kindly to not create any PPDs/drivers for non-Postscript printers which require exclusively PostScript. PPD files should at least accept PDF or CUPS Raster now. See also our driver design/packaging page.

More info on our page about the PDF printing workflow and on the cups-filters page.

Making Printing "Just Work" - Volunteers and/or Sponsors needed!

For getting a great user experience with printing there is still a lot of coding needed. Your contribution, either work or funding, is highly appreciated. As we want our work to get a standard, we will let every completed project get into the major Linux distributions, so your work will help a lot of Linux users and will make Linux a better OS.

Enter the amazing world of free software and help fixing bug #1 of Linux.

Currently, we appreciate volunteers/sponsors for these projects:

Vendor WIN32/Mac OS X drivers made available to Linux applications:

Make many more printers working under Linux by creating a wrapper framework for the manufacturer's Windows/Mac OS X drivers, like the ndiswrapper for WLAN cards.

JTAPI implementation: The OpenPrinting workgroup has designed a Job Ticket API (JTAPI) already. You can help us by writing an implementation of this API (libjtapi). We especially also need an implementation of the Printer Working Group: Print Job Ticket (PWG:PJT).

Find more information and contact info on our project implementation page.

We appreciate your participation on these projects.

For Developers

The goal of the OpenPrinting workgroup is to develop and promote a set of standards that will address the complete printing needs of embedded, mobile, desktop, enterprise, and production environments, including management, reliability, security, scalability, printer feature access and network accessibility. This is achieved by

OpenPrinting has merged with the former and provides now a one-stop location for printing with Posix-style operating systems. OpenPrinting organizes several meetings throughout the year to bring the important people on the area of printing together. Meetings recently held are:

More for Developers »



Alfaone Group Dubai based corporation, Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The Logistics division operates with its head office in Dubai the global hub of Middle east

International Freight Forwarding

The division provides comprehensive Freight solutions through worldwide network of agents globally.

  • Sea
  • Air
  • Land

Shipping & Clearing Services

Alfaone Group Dubai based corporation, expansion in Tokyo and Their Values

Alfa one group is fueled on seven core values of business

Integrity: We are committed to do things the right way. Our decisions and actions are within the framework of ethics, moral values and legal requirements bonded by honesty and transparency. Everything we do must stand the test of public scrutiny.

Chairman’s Messages of Alfaone Group Dubai based Corporation

Sailing back to 1992’s, I still remember the beginning of alfa one from a very small office space in Bur Dubai as if it was yesterday. The passion to be self-employed was the inspiration to start the business of cargo consolidation, with nothing to lose and ambitious to move forward the first consolidation truck was loaded to Qatar. At that point the toughest part was to find a counterpart in Qatar, It was then Mr.Abdul Rasheed agreed to be the partner in Qatar operations. 

Benefits of Trinity Energy Group Limited Southern Sudan

Below are a few highlights

1. Logistics - we have our own 2,000 m3 capacity depot in Juba

2. Fully Licensed - by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining

3. Scale - market share of over 40%.

4. Local Knowledge - We are able to supply fuel across South Sudan

5. Strategic Relationships - TEL is a contract supplier to NILEPET

PT XL Axiata Releases Challenges in Telecommunications

In the vast expanse of modern day technology, it is hard to keep up with the trends and intervening factors that dominate a passing moment. Mobile operators need to clear up their options to keep track with what is and what will be. It would either be being in the lead of the game or be totally left behind.

A noticeable fluctuation and instability remains within the ranking while comparing large mobile operators’ standing.

Let’s take Indonesia as one of the examples.

Trinity Energy Group: A company of unwavering dedication

Trinity Energy Group, also known as TEG, is a Nevada Corporation that is keenly involved with oil and gas opportunities worldwide, particularly in North and Central America. TEG is located in Laguna Beach, California.

Van Ecker/Couder & Associates Subject of New Takeover Rumours

Van Ecker/Couder & Associates (VECA), the Brussels-based Brokerage firm are the subject of M&A speculation, amidst news that one or more of the investment banking giants are mulling the idea of a bid.

An unnamed source, close to VECA, said the executive team of the Brussels-based firm were aware of potential buyout interest from a number of high-profile, global investment firms.

Van Ecker/Couder & Associates Announce Expansion Program

Brussels-based investment firm Van Ecker Couder, announce their plans for future expansion.

Van Ecker/Couder (VECA) & Associates board of directors have released a road map for the company’s expansion plan for the next 3 years. The initial stage of the plan begins early 2016, when, following a review and improvement of logistics and communication systems, the company will look to add to staff numbers on its international desk by over 10%.

Welcome to Trinity Energy Group Services

Trinity Energy Services, LLC is a full service oil and gas industry land service firm. We offer complete professional land services to the energy and communication industries throughout the United States. Our experienced office and field personnel are available to handle any of your needs from initial lease checks to complicated due diligence for the acquisition of producing properties. We have worked extensively with private, public and governmental agencies on numerous projects.

Trinity Energy Group, Inc.: How to Drill a Well for Oil and Gas

This may not be the easiest and cheapest thing to do for most people; but, in a few steps, anyone who has the resources and the desire can do it and make a lot of money (and we all know that!). So here are a few steps needed to drill a well in order to extract oil or gas.

1.     Find where the oil is

Trinity Energy Group – About Us

Vice Chairman – Dr. R Gerald Bailey

Dr. R Gerald Bailey is the chairman of Bailey Petroleum LLC in Houston, Texas, Bailey Petroleum LLC is involved in exploration and production ventures, with both consultation and working interest participation.

Contact Information of Trinity Energy Group

Corporate Offices

Trinity Energy Group Inc.
980 9th Street, 16 Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

Trinity Energy Group Inc.

19782 MacArthur Blvd. Ste. 100
Irvine, CA 92612

Dell 1100 drivers for yosemite

I decided to dust of my Dell 1100 but I know it wouldn't work on Mac 10.10.3. Can any help me out with drivers?

Mac Yosemite 10.10.3

OpenPrinting Summit/PWG Meeting Cupertino 2015

Actionable next steps toward the goal of making printing on Linux "just work".

The printing activities of the Linux Foundation revolve around a few focal points:

OpenPrinting Summit/PWG Meeting Toronto 2014

Actionable next steps toward the goal of making printing on Linux "just work".

The printing activities of the Linux Foundation revolve around a few focal points:

pdftops translate InputSlot=Tray2



i've open a bug on cups few days ago, available there:

in resume, we use cups 1.7 with Xerox Workcenter 7556 printers. We want to print on tray 2. when printing text files, this works fine, but when printing pdf files, the printer only uses tray 1 .

it seems that this is due to the pdftops translating the option to an unknown value to the printer.

would you have any idea on how we could solve this ?

canon IR4025 ufrii driver

We have a Canon IR4025 copier and we want to use it on linux (ubuntu). I installed the linux driver ( ufrii 2.80 / us). I have problem with the job execution STORE mode. I can't choose the right mailbox number where prints the document. The default is no. 00. I tried to edit the PPD file based on a website but it doesn't want to work. Please help to edit this PPD file or send me a fully working driver with good store printing option.




Oki Printing Problem

I have an Oki ML 320 Turbo. It's been working perfectly for years on a Pick system, and now I'm trying to use it with Linux (Ubuntu 10.04).

After working (almost) perfectly for 2 months, it now refuses to print what I send it.

When I type in the lpr command:

lpr -H -P Oki -h -o raw <<< "Test Print"

I get the following output on the page:




CUPS is a standards-based, open source printing system developed by Apple Inc. for Mac OS® X and other UNIX®-like operating systems. CUPS uses the Internet Printing Protocol ("IPP") and provides System V and Berkeley command-line interfaces, a web interface, and a C API to manage printers and print jobs.

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