beh - The Backend Error Handler

Very annoying with CUPS is that when an error on the communication between the CUPS backend and the printer occurs, CUPS disables the print queue and to be able to continue printing an administrator (root access required) has to re-enable the queue. It is not enough to simply fix the printer's communication problem (like turning it on, fixing the network connection, ...).

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OpenPrinting CUPS Quick Start

For more detail, see the tutorial (beware, it is not yet updated for Foomatic 4.0).

If you have trouble, see the troubleshooting guide.


Meeting Information

Face to Face meeting information appears on this page in reverse chronological order.

April 2013 - OpenPrinting Summit/PWG Meeting in Cupertino

Planned topics and logistics 


Actionable next steps toward the goal of making printing on Linux "just work".

LF's printing activities revolve around a few focal points:

Implementation - Volunteers and/or Sponsors Needed!

For getting a great user experience with printing there is still a lot of coding needed. See our projects described below. Your contribution is highly appreciated. As we want our work to get a standard, we will let every completed project get into the major Linux distributions, so your work will help a lot of Linux users and will make Linux a better OS.

Enter the amazing world of free software and help fixing bug #1 of Linux.


Patching Ghostscript 8.63 for the PDF printing workflow

In general, you should use Ghostscript 8.64 (or newer) for PDF-based printing, but if you cannot do the upgrade to the new version for some reason, you can fix the most important bugs by applying patches.

In Ghostscript 8.63 many bugs on PDF rendering where fixed, but there are still bugs breaking the PDF-based printing workflow for many users.

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