Linux Standard Base Trademark Guidelines

Please consult the Linux Foundation's trademark usage guidelines for over-all guideance on all Linux Foundation marks. Please do not refer to a product or service as being LF- or LSB-certified or use any of LF’s certification marks, unless your company has successfully undergone LF’s compliance testing suites and LF has explicitly authorized your use of these terms and the LF certification marks, and you have executed LF’s Trademark License.

Linux Standard Base (LSB)

The Linux Standard Base was created to lower the overall costs of supporting the Linux platform. By reducing the differences between individual Linux distributions, the LSB greatly reduces the costs involved with porting applications to different distributions, as well as lowers the cost and effort involved in after-market support of those applications.


LSB SDK 4.0.3

The LSB Workgroup has released version 4.0.3 of the LSB Software Development Kit (SDK).

The SDK is distributed in LSB-compliant RPM packages from the following location:

Additionally, tarball bundles with an easy install script are available from here:

Linux Distribution Checker and App Checker betas

The LSB Workgroup has now released beta-test versions of the Linux Application Checker and the new Linux Distribution Checker. These are based on the ISPRAS releases of the Application Checker ( and the Distribution Checker (

LSB SDK 4.0.3 RC1

The first release candidate for version 4.0.3 of the LSB SDK is now available. It is not yet recommended for production work, but barring any serious bugs found in testing, will become the recommended production version, so everyone is encouraged to download and test the SDK on non-production code.

The easiest way to get the RC is to download the tarball bundle from here:

Best Effort Linker issues

Current Best Effort Linker uses a set of fixed paths for the dynamic loader.

Should we concider expanding this to include envormental vars like LSB_LD_SO for path to lsb ld so file and LSB_PLATFORM_LD_SO for the distributions

I know making lsb relocatable does not seam a requirement.   With items like android using the / may not be a option.   So the FHS offset to another directory maybe required.  Should Best Effort be made support this.



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