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First chartered in 2004 as the Linux Foundation Accessibility Workgroup (LFA), the Open Accessibility (A11y) Group functions today within the Linux Foundation to establish free and open standards that enable comprehensive universal access to various computing platforms, applications, and services. Open A11y makes it easier for developers, ISVs, and distributions to support assistive technologies (AT). Assistive technologies enable individuals to make full use of computer-based technology despite variability in physical or sensory abilities due to illness, aging or disability.

AT enables individuals who are blind or visually impaired to read online text, for example, and provides the means for individuals who do not have the use of their arms and hands to write and correspond. AT also enable individuals who cannot speak or hear to participate on the telephony interfaces of today -- and will support their participation on the multimodal computer interfaces of tomorrow.

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Community Service: Credence Independent Management Advisors

Credence executives actively serves in leadership positions with several non-profit and industry associations.


Pan IIT Alumni Association


Ericsson, Facebook and XL Axiata boost app efficiency

Facebook and Ericsson claim to have developed a methodology that will improve app performance by as much as 70%. 

The companies have cooperated under the partnership between Facebook and six other firms aimed at driving internet connectivity in emerging markets. It has the stated goal of providing internet access to the two-thirdsa of the world’s population that remains unconnected. 

Dyman Associates Risk Management: 5 vinkkejä tehokkaan riskienhallinnan

Riskienhallinta on osa elämää kaikkien osallistuvien tietoturva nyt. Se on osa tärkeimmät standardit siellä myös ISO27001 ja PCI-DSS, jotka molemmat on juuri päivitetty. Meidän täytyy tehdä se, mutta se vie aikaa ja vaivaa hyvin. Joten avulla tarkastella käytännön riskinarvioinnin tietoturvan vaatimukset. Täällä on 5 vinkkejä tehdä työn puolestasi:

Vinkki 1 - tehdä mielekkäitä

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How-to: Install, Configure and Troubleshoot Apache HTTP 2.2.3 on CentOS 5

 This may be applicable to all Apache 2 versions.


ISO Standardization

IAccessible2 is in the process of adoption as a an ISO Standard.  It will be late 2011 before the process is complete.

There are several parts to the standard, and they each follow a separate adoption procedure.  The documents are part of ISO/IEC JTC 1 / SC 35.



AT-SPI2 To Do List

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Mark Doffman, CodeThink
Mike Gorse, Novell

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IAccessible2 Implementation Guide

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[R2] Proposed updates 7/12/2011. I have added some proposed updates and clarifications to the document.  For accessibility purposes, they are indicated the markup tags [R2]changes[/R2].  Comments may be sent to cragun at us dot ibm dot com.




Workgroup Chartered to Make UNIX more Accessible to People with Disabilities.



Guidelines for Open A11y Specifications: Open Issues & Questions

General Issues Which Need to Be Addressed for All Specifications

  1. boilerplate "copyright" and "licensing" verbiage -- get from from LF?


AT-SPI2 0.1.2 Available for Download


AT-SPI2 0.1.3 Available for Download


Input/Output (I/0) SIG FAQ

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Input/Output (I/0) SIG

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