Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

The Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board

The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) provides the Linux kernel community a direct voice into The Linux Foundation’s activities and fosters bi-directional interaction with application developers, end users, and Linux companies.

Grant Likely
Grant Likely (Chair)
Grant Likely is the Boot Architect at Linaro limited and the device tree maintainer for the Linux kernel.


Jonathan Corbet
Jonathan Corbet (Vice Chair)
Executive editor at, co-author of Linux Device Drivers, and Linux kernel contributor.

Peter Anvin
H. Peter Anvin
Principal Engineer at Intel, x86 architecture co-maintainer, and Linux contributor since 1992.


John Linville
John Linville
Wireless local area networking Maintainer working at Red Hat.

Greg Kroah-Hartman
Greg Kroah-Hartman
Linux Foundation Fellow and Linux USB subsystem maintainer.


Matthew Garrett
Matthew Garrett
Senior software engineer at Nebula, Inc.

Chris Mason
Chris Mason


Sarah Sharp
Sarah Sharp
Linux kernel xHCI driver maintainer at Intel.

Thomas Gleixner
Thomas Gleixner
Manages bug reports for NANA FLASH, core timers and the unified x86 architecture.


Kristen Accardi
Kristen Accardi
Senior Software Engineer at Intel and Linux kernel contributor



Announcing the new TAB

On Thursday, Sept. 4th we held our first meeting since the TAB elections at Kernel
Summit and LinuxCon last month. As is our custom, this meeting
included both incoming and outgoing members.

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to our outgoing members,
James Bottomley, Jesse Barnes and Ric Wheeler, who have all served
faithfully and done a great job representing our community. I
especially want to thank James who has served as the TAB chair since

Minutes of the January 2014 TAB meeting

Minutes for the January 2, 2014 TAB meeting

Minutes of the December 2013 TAB meeting

Public minutes for the December 5 TAB meeting

Minutes of the November 2013 TAB meeting

This is an experimental page holding the November 7, 2013 TAB meeting minutes.  We'll see how it goes.

Public minutes for the TAB meeting held 2013-11-07, 21:00 UTC

Acer Aspire V5-571

The Acer Aspire is a secure boot system based on the Phoenix UEFI BIOS.

To get into the UEFI startup menus, press F2 on power on or reboot.  The Secure Boot key management settings are in the Security menu and the Secure Boot enabled flag is in the Boot menu.

Samsung 355E

The Samsung 355E, like all post production UEFI systems has no EFI shell, so if you want to use shell commands, you'll have to boot to a shell using a USB stick.

To activate the UEFI menus, press F2 on power on or subsequent reboot.  The system only responds to this for an instant, but if you're successful, you'll see a "Please Wait" message at the bottom right.

Intel Tunnel Mountain System

The intel Tunnel Mountain UEFI secure boot test box is fairly easy to get to the boot menu (it's also easy if you don't follow this, because it will drop into a UEFI shell unlike almost any other secure boot system on the market).

To get the UEFI menu, power the system on and press ESC after the TianoCore logo appears on the screen.  Once in the Boot menu, select 'Device Manager' and then 'Secure Boot Configuration'.


This page describes how to get systems into and out of UEFI setup mode for the purposes either of installing a bootloader hash, or for taking control of all of the keys.  For more details of how UEFI secure boot works and for tools for creating and manipulating keys, see

The systems we currently know about are

July 2011 TAB Minutes

The Technical Advisory Board met on Thursday July 7th, 2011. Here are the minutes from that meeting.

June 2011 Tab Minutes

The Technical Advisory Board met on Thursday, June 9, 2011.  Here are the minutes from that meeting.

May 2011 TAB Minutes

The Technical Advisory Board met on May 5, 2011. Here are the minutes for that meeting.

April 2011 TAB Minutes

The Technical Advisory Board met on Thursday April 7, 2011 during the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in San Francisco.  Here are the minutes for the meeting.

March 2011 TAB Minutes

The Technical Advisory Board met on Tuesday, March 1, 2011.  Here are the minutes for that meeting.

February 2011 TAB Minutes

The Technical Advisory Board met on Thursday, February 3, 2011.  Here are the minutes for that meeting.

November 2009 TAB Minutes

Present: James B., Jon C., Alan C, Ted T., Chris M., Greg K-H

Meeting called to order at 12:03pm US/Eastern

1. End User Summit: any last minute questions requests or updates?


2. Plumbers Steering Committee.  Looks like the dates have shifted
        to November in Boston. [Ted]

LinuxCon will be August 10-12, with mini-summits on August 8 and 9
Linux Plumbers Conference will be moving to November 3-5 and will be

January 2010 TAB Minutes

1. Moblin Copyright issue.

Weekly open steering committee calls; we haven't had one since early december.  I haven't had an opportunity to speak to these guys about it.    They have received a paragraph or two sent from Novell in a round-about way.  They are rethinking the copyright/licensing language, and expanding the steering committee.   There has been radio silence, mostly due to the holidays.  Jim will continue to ping them.

April 2010 TAB Minutes

TAB Members present: Chris, Jon, Ted, James, Greg K-H, Kristen, Chris W.
Others present: Angela, Jenifer, Jim, Amanda, Tess

     1. Presentation of the LPC accounts from Portland in 2009.  Since
        the TAB is the steering committee, it actually has overall
        financial responsibility, so we need to check these. [James,

June 2010 TAB Minutes


  • Jon Corbet
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman
  • Chris Mason
  • Dave
  • John
  • Chris Wright
  • Ted Tso
  • Thomas Gleixner
  • Amanda McPherson
  • Jim Zemlin

ACTION: Amanda to find us a better concall number

1. No one has submitted any suggestions for what Michael should be working on.  Last call for suggestions

Start date is July 1st.

July 2010 TAB Minutes

Present: Ted, James, Jon, Alan, Thomas, Greg, Amanda, Chris

     1. Project Harmony (Canonical's Copyright Assignment Harmonisation
        push):  Report back from Ted on 16 June Meeting.  Did anyone go
        to the 23 June meeting in London?  Amanda has given them a BoF
        at LinuxCon at 17:00 on 11 August, so we probably need someone

Tab Minutes

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