Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

The Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board

The Technical Advisory Board (TAB) provides the Linux kernel community a direct voice into The Linux Foundation’s activities and fosters bi-directional interaction with application developers, end users, and Linux companies.

Grant Likely
Grant Likely (Chair)
Grant Likely is the Boot Architect at Linaro limited and the device tree maintainer for the Linux kernel.


Jonathan Corbet
Jonathan Corbet (Vice Chair)
Executive editor at, co-author of Linux Device Drivers, and Linux kernel contributor.

Peter Anvin
H. Peter Anvin
Principal Engineer at Intel, x86 architecture co-maintainer, and Linux contributor since 1992.


John Linville
John Linville
Wireless local area networking Maintainer working at Red Hat.

Greg Kroah-Hartman
Greg Kroah-Hartman
Linux Foundation Fellow and Linux USB subsystem maintainer.


Matthew Garrett
Matthew Garrett
Senior software engineer at Nebula, Inc.

Chris Mason
Chris Mason


Sarah Sharp
Sarah Sharp
Linux kernel xHCI driver maintainer at Intel.

Thomas Gleixner
Thomas Gleixner
Manages bug reports for NANA FLASH, core timers and the unified x86 architecture.


Kristen Accardi
Kristen Accardi
Senior Software Engineer at Intel and Linux kernel contributor






The minutes of TAB meetings are provided for informational purposes only.
Discussions and decisions described in the minutes should not be
interpreted as official or definitive TAB or OSDL policy. While efforts
are made to ensure their accuracy and completeness, we regret we cannot
guarantee that they are. If you have corrections or additions, please
contact tech-board at

Friday August 4, 2006

Technical Advisory Board Conference Call Minutes


Linux Foundation Driver Statement

Driver Question and Answer

TAB Charter

1. The primary purpose of The Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board (TAB) is to advise The Linux Foundation Board of Directors (Board) and the management of The Linux Foundation (Management) on matters related to supporting the technical agenda of The Linux Foundation. The following main areas are included in this charter:

    a. Oversee specific programmes which are identified by mutual agreement between the Board, the Management and the TAB.

    b. Provide a formal, twice yearly report to the Board on the status of and progress made in all areas under the purview of the TAB.

Kernel Driver Statement

Position Statement on Linux Kernel Modules

June 2008

Linux Device Driver Model

The Linux Driver Model: A Better Way to Support Devices

by Dan Kohn, Linux Foundation, June 2008

Device Driver Statement

Linux Kernel Community's Statement on Closed Source Drivers

On June 23, 2008, the kernel development community issued a statement on closed source drivers and modules.

The official statement can be found here.

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