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The topic of this Project is: Open Source as Prior Art (should probably be renamed to FLOSS as Prior Art, just to be neutral about some political/social issues). Thus you need to know what FLOSS and Prior Art is. Here you can find some basic information:


Things that can be done right now

Use already existing publications as Prior Art

HowTo search for Prior Art in the Internet ( HowTo search for Prior Art in the Internet )
This HowTo is a step-by-step guide on how you could perform a coordinated search for Prior Art in the Internet.
Prior Art meta-search engine
(will be) a system to aid your search for Prior Art
Example Prior Art search
An example where the HowTo search for Prior Art is used on one specific patent
Publication Categorization
If you have no idea, what kind of software might be used as Prior Art for a specific patent, then look here. Basicly this is a mapping between USPTO categories and FLOSS categories.
Request for Prior Art Mailinglist
This might become a mailinglist where you can ask for associations to specific patents. So more people might help you to find appropriate starting-points for your Prior Art research.
Timestamping & Date Forensics

Make electronic data more valuable as Prior Art

Guideline for Developers
What can you do to ensure your program can be used as Prior Art in 20 years
Tagging Prototype
Easier searching for Prior Art (or for reusing appropriate code in your own project)
A Social Tagging Engine
Timestamping & Date Forensics

USPTO and Prior Art

  • Proposed Rule Changes to Focus the Patent Process in the 21st Century, Januar 2006 (link)


  • CAPAS - Computer Aided Prior Art Search
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Milestones - General Project goals -- what people can do to help
  • Glossary - Words, phrases, and acronyms explained
  • Out of Scope - Patent reform alternatives outside the scope of this project

Recent Events

Tagging Workshop September 2006

Tagging Workshop 2006 Sep - agenda + attendees + presentations + conclusions

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License Proliferation – A way out?

Free / Open Source Software license proliferation has gone so far that companies are patenting proprietary software to solve it in the case of multi-source development process. Could copyleft license interoperability focus the F/OSS world on a handful of compatible provisions, replacing a culture of mutual exclusion by a culture of collaboration?


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This might become a mailinglist where you can ask for assoziations to specific patents. So more people might help you to find appropriate starting-points for your Prior Art research.

You won't get legal advice here, so please don't ask for it!





  • root
    • Database Environment
      • Database Environment :: Database API
        • Database Environment :: Database API :: ADOdb
        • Database Environment :: Database API :: JDBC
        • Database Environment :: Database API :: ODBC
        • Database Environment :: Database API :: Other API
        • Database Environment :: Database API :: Perl DBI/DBD
        • Database Environment :: Database API :: PHP Pear::DB
        • Database Environment :: Database API :: Python Database API



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Here are some of the companies, projects, and individuals who have expressed an interest in participating in this project:

  • Eclipse Foundation
  • IBM
  • Novell
  • OSDL
  • RedHat
  • OSTG (Sourceforge.net)
  • Mozilla (offered grant funding, if needed)

OSDL currently hosts this Web-Site.




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As a plain flat tagging structure might be appropriate for tagging pictures it is probably not enough for tagging software-projects. Software Projects have lots of different viewpoints from which you could apply tags to it.



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USPTO category



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Kinds of Meta Information

-> aspect oriented tagging combines what/content pairs with tagging, e.g. encoding/perl, xml


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If you're attending, please add yourself to the "Attendees" section below, and create your own page for yourself. From this page we can see who's going to be attending, and what topics we each care about.

Software Tagging Workshop - Open Invitation, outline, details, register


This page is talking about a proposal.

Here I will very soon publish a framework for an official timestamping service, which I regard as essential for assigning legally provable publication dates, which are also needed for free and open source software publications.


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Outlined notes from Paul McKenney



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Please don't laugh at this. I was once told that without Jules Verne humanity would still wait for the first Moon landing.

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