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spanning tree on kernel 2.6.30

Hi All,

i hope this is the right place to ask....

i'm try to use bridge on kernel 2.6.30 for the following reason:

i need to realize a litle beat complex network interconnecting a few linux embedded box on wich only one ethernet interface is available for each box. The unique eth is phisically connectd with one port of embedde 5 port switch that is used only to provide multiple phisical port for connection.

2014 GSoC Driver Backports

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Mailing list

Join the kernel backports mailing list:

Introduce yourself there and express your interest if you like. You can either chime in with your own ideas or pick one of the ones below.


We're on Freenode:

XIMETA (ndas) support

at there are ancient linux driver files for ndas technology.  ndas are network enclosures/HD that connect your harddrives to the network via ethernet.  they do not use tcp/ip and have their own protocol (lpx) that ximeta owns.  ximeta is not willing to update the drivers on the website.  I have digged around for months trying to help people stuck with ndas devices.  most of them are dual booting with windows to get around the problem but why should us mighty linux users have to settle for this work around?

alx detailed iperf results

Test results

Here are the latest test results with different chipsets on the alx/atl1c Ethernet driver.


Kernel 3.3.0+ / alx

Test Platform

ASUS P5QPL-AM(Desktop)

Ethernet hardware specifications

Hardware specifications

We strongly encourage all hardware vendors to make their programming guides and register specifications publicly available. The following documentation is available for free public download.


alx Ethernet driver

This is the home page of the Linux Qualcomm Atheros alx Ethernet driver.

Device support

Updated on March 05, 2013:


Linux Kernel Ethernet

This page documents Ethernet drivers on the Linux kernel. Typically Ethernet drivers are documented through the Documentation/ section of the kernel. This page is for those drivers that choose to document themselves through a wiki rather than plain text ASCII files. This follows the tradition of documentation followed by the wireless subsystem.

Ethernet drivers

Here is the list of our wiki-documented Ethernet drivers. alx - Qualcomm Atheros (QCA) Ethernet driver.

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