The Linux Foundation offers a variety of community programs to meet the needs of our diverse set of constituents that span the developer, end user, industry and legal communities.

End User Programs These programs include Linux Foundation the Linux Credit Card, Linux.comLinux EventsFOSSBazaar and OpenPrinting.

Developer Programs Programs designed to help the Linux community thrive. Including the Community Developer Travel Fund, NDA Program, Linux Developer Speaker Bureau and the funding of

Legal Programs These programs provide a neutral place for the legal community to collaborate and protect the Linux platform. These include: Open Compliance Program, Legal Defense Fund, OSAPA, Open Compliance Program, Linux Trademark Institute, Patent Commons, Legal Summits and Legal Defenders

Training Programs: Providing a strong talent pool is key to increasing the adoption of open source technologies. Our training program includes courses for Linux system administrationLinux developmentopen source compliance, and other open source projects.

Regional Programs Linux is a global community and The Linux Foundation is at the forefront, promoting Linux through our regional programs. The Japanese Linux community in particular is very involved with Linux development and The Linux Foundation works very closely with our member companies from Japan to promote Linux. Learn more here.

Advisory Councils Neutral forums to discuss shared issues, collaborate on projects of common interest and decide how best to direct resources in support of the development community. These include: the End User Council, Technical Advisory Board and Vendor Advisory Council.