End User Council

The End User Council is a neutral forum in which corporate end users voice platform concerns, discuss best practices on Linux deployments, and identify common technical requirements, that can be shared with the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board, consisting of leaders from the Linux development community, and the Vendor Advisory Council, consisting of leading OEM, ISV, and Technical Consulting companies. Most activity is focused on two events: The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit and The Linux Foundation End User Summit.

By participating in Linux Foundation events and meeting with the Technical and Vendor Advisory Boards, the End User Council promotes understanding of how Linux is used and will be used in many of the world's most demanding environments.

The organized collaboration among these three constituents aggregate and streamline communication of key issues facing the platform now and in the future, strengthening Linux for all.

The End User Council is led by Mr. Vinod Kutty, Associate Director at CME Group.

How to Participate:

If you would like to be a member of the End User Council, please request membership by filling out the form here.  If you are accepted, you will be placed in the mailing list and contacted about upcoming meetings and topics of interest. Unfortunately we don't have the staff to reply to every application.

You can also consider joining the Linux Foundation to receive all the benefits of formal membership, even though this is not required for qualified end users. Please check the Linux Foundation events web site for notices on End User Summit and other activities. Training is also available for end users who want to learn more about Linux.  

Once you apply, if approved you will be added to the list. Unfortunately we can't reply to all those who are not approved.

Companies participating in the End User Council and Events include:

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Bank of America Logo   Citigroup Logo   CME Logo   Credit Suisse Logo   CSC Logo   City University of New York Logo
Deutsche Flugsicherung Logo   Directpointe Logo   Emerging Health Logo   Emigrant Logo   Epam Logo   Ford Logo
Fidelity Logo   Fifth Bank Logo   Fidelity Information Systems Logo   Goldman Sachs Logo   Google Logo   ISO Logo
JP Morgan Logo   Kaiser Permanente Logo   Korea National Oil Company Logo   Langone Logo   Livermore National Laboratory Logo   MMC Logo
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Photographs from the 2008 End User Summit End User Summit Photographs