Legal Programs

The Linux Foundation's Legal Programs provide a neutral place for the legal community to collaborate and protect the Linux platform. We also work closely with our members and the community on initiatives to ensure Linux is protected.

Key Linux Protection Activities Include:

  • The Open Compliance Program, a set of open source tools and training that allow companies to ensure their compliance.
  • Hosting and sponsoring key kernel developers, like Linux creator Linus Torvalds, so they can maintain independence while working full time to improve Linux.
  • Managing the Linux Trademark.
  • Sponsoring other Fellowships for much needed services not currently met by the Linux community or industry, such as kernel documentation.
  • Sponsoring a Community Developer Travel Fund for travel related expenses not paid for by companies or individuals.
  • Running the NDA Program where the Linux Foundation facilitates the sharing of technical information between proprietary companies and open source developers.
  • Holding open source Legal Summits where members and other community members can collaborate on solving legal issues facing Linux and open source.
  • Fostering industry-wide legal partnering: