Compliance Inquiry

Free and open source software provide companies with a way to accelerate innovation through collaboration with the global community of developers. However, accompanying the benefits of teaming with the community are important responsibilities: Companies must ensure compliance with applicable license obligations.

The Linux Foundation, as a way to increase the adoption of Linux and open source, offers a comprehensive open source compliance training and consulting program for companies using Linux in their products. We want the Linux community to grow, and want to share our unique knowledge and access of the Linux community and technology with those companies looking to join the Linux ecosystem.

The Linux Foundation offers:

  • In house training on open source compliance targeted for both executives and for teams and individuals involved in ensuring product compliance on a daily basis.
  • Supplementary open source tools that will support companies' efforts in ensuring compliance; these tools will be complimentary to source code scanning tools already available in the market.
  • Custom and private consulting that leverages our experience as the Linux Foundation and makes use of our legal and technical networks and connections.
  • Advice on best practices and community relations.

To inquire about our open source and compliance services, please complete the following form and you will be contacted within 2 business days.