Open Source Compliance Training and Consulting

Free and open source software provide companies with a way to accelerate innovation through collaboration with the global community of developers. However, accompanying the benefits of teaming with the community are important responsibilities: Companies must ensure compliance with applicable license obligations. The Linux Foundation, as a way to increase the adoption of Linux and open source, offers a comprehensive open source compliance training and consulting program for companies using Linux in their products.

Compliance helps achieve three main objectives:

  • Comply with 3rd party software supplier contractual obligations in light of free and open source software licensing obligations
  • Facilitate effective usage of free and open source software in commercial products
  • Protect commercial product differentiation while complying with free and open source software contractual obligations

The Linux Foundation offers:

  • In house training on open source compliance targeted for both executives and for teams and individuals involved in ensuring product compliance on a daily basis.
  • Supplementary open source tools that will support companies' efforts in ensuring compliance; these tools will be complimentary to source code scanning tools already available in the market.
  • Custom and private consulting that leverages our experience as the Linux Foundation and makes use of our legal and technical networks and connections.
  • Advice on best practices and community relations.
  • Free informational resources on open source compliance. You can find the free white papers here.

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