LSB SDK 4.1.8

The LSB workgroup is pleased to announce the release of the LSB SDK, version 4.1.8. Bundles for the x86, x86_64, ia64, and POWER architectures can be downloaded immediately from:


31- and 64-bit System z (s390/s390x) releases will be ready later today, and will be made available at the same location.

LSB Updates: 4.0, 4.1, Checkers

The Linux Standard Base (LSB) project is pleased to announce several
updates to its suites of tools and tests. These updates are now
available from the LSB Download page:


This update includes bug fixes to the LSB 4.0 test suite and application battery, the LSB 4.1 test suite, and the Application Checker and Distribution Checker front-ends.

Some highlights from the updates:

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