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Note: This is an archived snapshot of the Open Accessibility Workgroup's AT-SPI on D-Bus wiki page. The information contained here is historical, and should be considered out-of-date. The current version of the AT-SPI on D-Bus wiki page can be located at:


Workgroup Chartered to Make UNIX more Accessible to People with Disabilities.


IAccessible2 COM proxy stub DLL


We have provided an IAccessible2 COM proxy stub DLL, IAccessible2Proxy.DLL as well as the files necessary for building it from the IAccessible2 IDL file. The proxy DLL is needed so the default marshaler has a description of the IAccessible2 interfaces.


IAccessible2 Development: An Accessibility API that Works for Assistive Technologies and Applications


  • Richard Schwerdtfeger, Distinguished Engineer, IBM
  • Pete Brunet, Senior Software Engineer,IBM
  • Andres Gonzalez, Senior Computer Scientist,Adobe
    • (others to be announced)


After you check the IA2 project files out using BZR, this file can be used to understand how to build the IA2 docs, a merged IDL file, and a zip file containing the docs and IDL files.


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