Expert Handlers SIG Mission Statement Draft 3

The world of generalized content markup (such as HTML) is complimented by
markup specifications that facilitate more semantically precise content markup
in particular knowledge domains (such as MathML in the domain of mathematics).
Similarly, users who rely on assistive technologies (AT) require content
access that properly exposes the more complex structures delineated by
knowledge domain markup in order to use this content effectively.


Unified Use Cases for Expert Handlers (Draft 2.03b)

document status: internal draft -- this is a work-in-progress
revision date: 2008-01-27


Unified Use Cases for Expert Handlers (UUC 1.0)

document status: public working draft (approved by the working group 2008-02-05)
revision date: 2008-02-04


Navigability Use Cases Drafts Index

  Note: Navigability will need to address multiple levels of navigability


Braille Use Cases for Expert Handlers

Draft 1: Structure to Braille Conversion (Vladimir Bulatov, author)

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