Modifying an Existing Application

More and more ISVs and developers of existing applications are facing the choice of how to go about porting their application to Linux. Should they choose to port to just one Linux distribution or many? Is LSB certification right for their app?

Build an LSB Compliant Application

Once the decision is made to build a new application that is LSB compliant, what needs to be done next? There is some setup involved to develop an application to the LSB. The steps involved in setting up are:

Building a New Application

In this section, builders of new applications can learn how easy it is to get their application ready for LSB certification, using the right tools to build and to test their application.

The LSB Software Development Kit (SDK) enables developers to validate the binaries and RPM packages to ensure LSB compliance and monitor the API usage by the application while the build is taking place so that conformance is assured.

LSB Documentation Resources

The LSB workgroup provides the following documentation resources:

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