Linux Kernel Ethernet

This page documents Ethernet drivers on the Linux kernel. Typically Ethernet drivers are documented through the Documentation/ section of the kernel. This page is for those drivers that choose to document themselves through a wiki rather than plain text ASCII files. This follows the tradition of documentation followed by the wireless subsystem.

Ethernet drivers

Here is the list of our wiki-documented Ethernet drivers. alx - Qualcomm Atheros (QCA) Ethernet driver.


KemliN Ubuntu Linux for Indians

KemliN is an Organization that will deliver Linux to Indian peoples.
On KemliN we have to promote linux among Students.For that we have to started a project named "Linux to Home".

Linux to Home:

Long Term Support Ubuntu GNU/Linux Distro Versions

Ubuntu - LTS

Ubuntu GNU/Linux Long Term Support which are the Ubuntu GNU/Linux versions that are supported for three years for desktop versions and five years for server versions.

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