About the LSB

When targeting Linux as a platform, application developers want to have some assurance that the code they write on one Linux distribution will run on other Linux distributions without having to go through extra effort. This matches their experiences on other popular platforms, such as Windows or Mac OS X.

LSB 4.1

The LSB workgroup is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) version 4.1.

LSB 4.1 Release Notes

LSB 4.1 Release Notes


The LSB project team is proud to announce LSB Version 4.1. The specification is available for download at the Specification page. The tools, tests and development environment are available for download at the Download page.

LSB Documentation Resources

The LSB workgroup provides the following documentation resources:

LSB 4.1 RC1

The LSB project is pleased to announce the availability of the first release candidate of LSB 4.1.

Links to the specification, as well as links to download the tests and SDK, are available at the following URL:

As of this writing, there are two known issues with the release candidate:

  • The decision to promote xdg-utils out of trial use was made after the latest draft of the specification; therefore, the current RC spec continues to list it as trial use.

Linux Standard Base (LSB)

The Linux Standard Base was created to lower the overall costs of supporting the Linux platform. By reducing the differences between individual Linux distributions, the LSB greatly reduces the costs involved with porting applications to different distributions, as well as lowers the cost and effort involved in after-market support of those applications.

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