Google Music Manager now Plays to Ubuntu’s tunes.

The tremendous potential for online music portability and sharing has resulted in several software giants coming out with musical applications for web based music storage and sharing. And the best part is that they do not charge you for using these services. The biggest of such services available today is of course Google Music or Music Beta as it is officially known is now available to Ubuntu users.

UM Player – An Open Source Media Wonder!

The power of collaborative development is doing wonders in the world of computing. Open source software is no longer just a cheaper alternative to those premium software tools, but now they are technically superior and user centric too. There are open source alternatives now for all types of software’s in cloud computing, OS, editing tools, office suites and the list just goes on. Today we take a closer look into UM Player (Universal Media player), an Open Source media player which is in fact gaining huge user base in Ubuntu community too.

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