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I do not have ifb installed on my kernel and i do not know how to install. There is no web where i can find information. Can anybody help me?

Answer: It is part of the standard kernel starting with 2.6.12.
To enable it you need to enable:


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Short list of conferences with Linux networking related attendees:


In the "Delaying only some traffic" section of this page, the following code is given as an example of how to create a delay to just one ip address:


Please send questions to the Bridge mailing list [1], I don't want to deal with problem reports in the wiki.


GSO ("Generic Segmentation Offload") is a performance optimization
which is a generalisation of the concept of TSO .

It has been added into Linux 2.6.18

Taken from Herbert Xu's
posting on linux-netdev


NetBEUI for 2.4.24

Nikolai Zhubr patches to early work by Arnaldo Melo on porting the Procom, Inc donated stack for 2.0.36 to 2.4 is available here.


Page based on Documentation/networking/ip-sysctl.txt.


Wide spread is the Optimized Link State Routing. There is an implementation for Linux, *BSD and Windows: olsrd.

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