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Please direct all questions to the linux-net mailing list.



GSO ("Generic Segmentation Offload") is a performance optimization which is a generalisation of the concept of TSO .

It has been added into Linux 2.6.18

Taken from Herbert Xu's posting on linux-netdev



A collection of network programs for the Linux operating system. This package includes:


Despite all the reasons mentioned in this article to don't certificate TOE NICs, other OS do it.
For example MS Windows 2003 Server (SP1) does support TOE and I've seen a great interest for market around it.
Is there a chance of Linux support for TOE in a near future?


Please if you put something on the main page, fill in the links. This is not a "what if"
page, it is a practical useful link to real work.

If you want to add something here, send mail to


Short list of conferences with Linux networking related attendees:


In the "Delaying only some traffic" section of this page, the following code is given as an example of how to create a delay to just one ip address:


Please send questions to the Bridge mailing list [1], I don't want to deal with problem reports in the wiki.

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