Porting to Multiple Distributions

Porting your application to multiple distributions is a task that conjures up images of large engineering and support costs, which detract from the real value of the Linux platform. It is the primary goal of the LDN to provide the skills and the tools to vastly reduce those costs by emphasizing portability techniques for cross-distro application development, or full LSB certification.

Porting to the LSB Demo

Note: This article is out of date in some places, but is kept for posterity.

Make Your App Portable

The path to application portability is dependent upon whether your application is already built, or still in production.

Strategies for Application Portability

As you seek to create a new Linux application, or improve upon an existing app, trying to achieve the benefits of cross-distribution portability may seem daunting.  Fortunately, there are a number of tools and strategies to help you meet this goal.

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