Linux Raid Wiki has moved to

For many years the Linux Foundation has provided a place to host the linux raid wiki.

Things change and there's now a growing body of wikis on - since LF are migrating to a more article based system it is time to move the wiki to a new home....

Thanks for the support and assistance during our stay :)


If members of the community have raid related articles (or links to articles elsewhere like LWN)  that would be suitable here then please contact me.

Linux Raid

Linux has an excellent RAID solution which is continually evolving.

The community recognises this and a search around the web provides many 'individual' and corporate documents describing how this technology has been used. However, whilst they are (usually) valid at the time of writing they are not maintained and eventually, like the HOWTO at TLDP they begin to risk doing harm rather than good - the raid wiki (now at provides a central place to manage and maintain this information.

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