Top 5 MPlayer Skins For Your Ubuntu Desktop

We have recently started bringing out more eyecandy stuff as we really think that Linux has to shed its "old command only interface for geeks" image to make it appealing to more people and as you know there is strength in numbers. Yeah we know Ubuntu has changed that a lot!! but hey allow us to speed up the process.  Here is our  take on some of the most appealing themes to juice up your Mplayer experience.

Top 5 VLC media player skins

There are few people on this globe who use a PC and  have never heard about the VLC media player.  So we are not gonna waste your time in getting into the details.  As you all know, the default interface does not do justice to the player.  Of course  VLC is completely skinnable. Here is the list of 5 of the best VLC skins to be downloaded from All the skins have been rated by the users themselves.

Top 15 Firefox themes for this summer

Summer is here and I would like to introduce you to our selection of 15 gorgeous Mozilla Firefox themes which you will certainly like a lot! These Firefox skins will bring in a new perspective on that boring gray layout. :)

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