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Mozilla Firefox 7 Released | Fake Firefox 7 website steals traffic

Mozilla has just released Firefox 7 following their new strategy of speeding up the release cycles to match with the competition. With this release it hopes to improve memory management issues that plagued its predecessors. Meanwhile a bogus website has sprung up on the web and started appearing on Google search results trying to cash in on the euphoria surrounding the new release.

How to Setup and Use Github in Ubuntu

If you are or want to be open source developer,you must try GitHub. It is a new hosted Git repository service that's being called a "social network" for programmers. It is basically a distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

Top 10 GNOME Wallpapers

Wallpapers!! What would we do without them? Here is the ist of top rated Gnome wallpapers which captured the attention of the users of gnome-look.org. What would we do without them??


Top 5 VLC media player skins

There are few people on this globe who use a PC and  have never heard about the VLC media player.  So we are not gonna waste your time in getting into the details.  As you all know, the default interface does not do justice to the player.  Of course  VLC is completely skinnable. Here is the list of 5 of the best VLC skins to be downloaded from gnome-look.org. All the skins have been rated by the users themselves.

Google Music Manager now Plays to Ubuntu’s tunes.

The tremendous potential for online music portability and sharing has resulted in several software giants coming out with musical applications for web based music storage and sharing. And the best part is that they do not charge you for using these services. The biggest of such services available today is of course Google Music or Music Beta as it is officially known is now available to Ubuntu users.

Old King of Computers now on Ubuntu

 If you have been using computers for a while now say around 40 years or more then you must have probably started you first lessons in computing on the Commodore 64 computer. Many modern day children and engineers won’t probably know what the Commodore 64 is. It is nothing but the old Keyboard computer which you might have now seen in old movies or preferably in museums or old government offices.

UM Player – An Open Source Media Wonder!

The power of collaborative development is doing wonders in the world of computing. Open source software is no longer just a cheaper alternative to those premium software tools, but now they are technically superior and user centric too. There are open source alternatives now for all types of software’s in cloud computing, OS, editing tools, office suites and the list just goes on. Today we take a closer look into UM Player (Universal Media player), an Open Source media player which is in fact gaining huge user base in Ubuntu community too.

First glimpse of Ubuntu Software Centre 5.0!

One thing in Ubuntu, which has always hit rock bottom in terms of popularity, is Ubuntu Software Centre. The reason often cited is its weak design and layout. Lot of attempts were made, but none of them brought a wind of change in perception among the user community. The guys at Canonical have been under fire recently to resolve this problem. One more attempt is round the corner, Ubuntu Software Centre 5.0 is expected to launch soon.

Ubuntu Manual

Mozilla delivers Firefox 5 | Moves to more frequent release cycles

Three months ago, when we saw the Firefox 4 release, there was a hell lot of buzz surrounding it, and the news trended in Twitter for hours as people felt that, it had been quite a while since they got a new Firefox, unlike the case with Chrome(the direct competitor). Some may admit that, a huge release with a lot of new features is better than frequent releases with not so important features!

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