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How to Run udev-discover in Ubuntu | The complete Device Manager Tool for the Linux Kernel

Udev-discover is the complete graphical device manager application for the linux kernel. It runs perfectly well on Ubuntu. It manages all device nodes in /dev directory of your LInux partiion. 

How to Setup Conky-A System Monitoring Tool for Ubuntu Part-1

It all started with torsmo,a tool that monitors system variables.Torsmo is no longer maintained,which led to the creation of its fork called conky.Conky checks various system variables and plots graph based on the values.Conky is efficient and fast as it draws directly in the X window system.Conky is easily customisable and flexible.It is customisable as we can extend its functionality using the LUA programming language.Lets start with insta

How to Setup and Use Github in Ubuntu

If you are or want to be open source developer,you must try GitHub. It is a new hosted Git repository service that's being called a "social network" for programmers. It is basically a distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.

How to do C# and .Net Programming in Ubuntu using Mono

C#(pronounced C sharp and not C hash), is a rich object oriented programming language within the .Net framework developed by Microsoft. Does this mean you have to switch to Windows to program in C#? Not at all!!!

BackTrack 5 - A Linux Distribution Engineered for Penetration Testing

Linux, which is a very versatile operating environment, caters for an array of different needs of different users. One such specific usage of Linux is in the area of computer security and penetration testing. Among the digital forensic tools available for Linux, BackTrack is well known as an all-in-one platform that offers security professionals all the tools that they may need to carry out various security related tasks.

How to use Libre Office in Ubuntu to Create A Client Database | LibreOffice Tutorial

In this new LibreOffice Calc tutorial for Ubuntu users I will show you how to create a new client list and how to use the filter tool in order to narrow your search. Our LibreOffice tutorial series is suitable for you if you run a small business and in dealing with your everyday business related activities.

Adobe’s 64 bit Flash 11 for Linux too

Ever since the dawn of 64 Bit technology in computers people wanted everything to be 64 Bit. It was proven that a 64 Bit system would create fewer bottlenecks and deliver better performance than a 32 Bit variant. Adobe has realised this problem faced by browsers and began developing a plug-in for its Flash player. They have come out with the solution in the correct time and released the first Beta version of the Flash 11. The Beta version incorporates major upgrades in configurations and support for the widely acclaimed and feature rich media browser plug-in.

Subdownloader: An easy way to download subtitles

Almost every single one of you who has a desktop computer or a laptop or even a Netbook might have seen at least one movie in their computer for sure. And many of you might have seen the movie with its subtitle. Everyone prefers to make use of the subtitles available with a movie file because it is often very difficult to follow fast paced dialogues and we will definitely have to rely on a lot on the subtitle to understand the movie completely.

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