The Linux Foundation is a key partner of the Linux project. By supporting the kernel development community -- including employing Linus Torvalds himself -- and fostering collaboration on a truly massive scale, the Linux Foundation unites thousands of curious minds in the free and open exchange of ideas. With this collective wisdom, people everywhere are using Linux and other open source technologies to solve harder problems, innovate faster than ever, and change the way the world works together. We are here to provide the crucial services and collaborative infrastructure to continue Linux’ advancement and protection.

Linux by the Numbers

In the 20+ years since Linux was started by Linus Torvalds, the project has racked up some serious numbers:

  • 9 code changes per hour
  • $10.8 billion shared R&D investment
  • Millions of developers
  • 65% of smart mobile devices
  • 95% of high performance computing market
  • 55% of embedded systems market
  • 40% of enterprise server market
  • 90% of world’s stock exchanges

All of this success is made possible by the passionate community that creates, maintains, and supports Linux.

Get Involved

In addition to hosting, the home of the Linux kernel, The Linux Foundation helps companies and individuals navigate the ever-changing landscape of Linux. We’re here to guide you through the labyrinth of open source opportunities—so you can make the most of open source.

We provide:

  • Open Source mentoring programs
  • Advanced consulting services
  • Collaborative project hosting and services
  • Global networking events
  • Corporate and individual open source training and certifications

To help you:

  • Contribute to massive collaborative efforts
  • Better understand open source compliance
  • Meet developers from around the world
  • Help your staff learn new open source skills
  • Collaborate in the open with your partners and competitors to address industry needs
  • Advance your open source or Linux career

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We are Linux

We are Linux. And you can be too. Join the millions of doers worldwide who make the open source technologies that power our world. The opportunities to get involved are literally wide open.

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