The Linux Foundation not only provides a vendor-neutral collaborative platform for companies and individuals, but also helps foster like-minded diverse communities to help improve the quality, availability, and talent to produce open source software. Furthermore, The Linux Foundation strives be a steward of many underserved open source communities by providing resources for the projects and members to develop software that benefits the entire industry (e.g., OpenSSL, Linux Kernel, Let's Encrypt).


Diversity Programs

Diversity Programs

The Linux Foundation is helping to create opportunities for underrepresented groups in technology though our diversity programs. We provide training, events, and financial support to help those who wouldn't otherwise have opportunities. Learn More >>


Networking Events for Open Source Professionals

Open Source Networking

Many of our events are put on free of cost to members of the community or are heavily subsidized by The Linux Foundation so that developers have a place to collaborate and drive their projects forward. We also help sponsor many other community events that aren't produced by The Linux Foundation but that provide important venues for sharing open source experiences and knowledge. Learn more >>


Open Source Community Infrastructure

Open Source Networking

Numerous projects in our ecosystem are critically important but are in need of resources to keep them viable. The Linux Foundation provides support to these projects through grants and manpower to make sure we have a safe, stable, and secure internet. Learn more >>


Free Open Source Skills Training

Open Source Training

The Linux Foundation is committed to making sure our future includes a well-trained, diverse workforce and involves those groups who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to participate in the workforce. Our programs span from Massively Online Open Courseware (MooCs) to scholarships for underrepresented groups who need the opportunity to learn skills so they can earn a living and drive innovation through open source. Learn more >>

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