One of the many important contributions The Linux Foundation makes to the community is facilitating opportunities for the face-to-face collaboration necessary for the innovation and advancement of Linux and open source. We host a variety of events around the world each year, from summits gathering the world's leading kernel maintainers to forums for open source leadership to technical conferences gathering the developers, operators, and users of Linux and open source software—all of which contribute to the advancement of these platforms.

To help make these events as accessible and inclusive to all, The Linux Foundation offers hundreds of free scholarships to these events based on need. As one of the first open source conferences to publish and enforce a code of conduct, The Linux Foundation hosts Women in Open Source events to enable women to meet and help each other feel connected at many of our conferences. Whenever possible, we also offer mothers a room for breastfeeding and child care for parents in attendance. The Linux Foundation has also hosted Ada Initiative Allies workshops at our events to train people free of charge on diversity issues and the sensitivity needed in our communities.

The Linux Foundation also underwrites and sponsors countless community events each year, including SCALE, the Grace Hopper Conference for Women, Great Wide Open, and many more that provide important venues for the sharing of open source experiences and knowledge.

By supporting these open source events, we are helping to accelerate open source face-to-face collaboration.

A Few of the Events that The Linux Foundation Organizes and Sponsors


Collaboration Summit

Collaboration Summit

The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is where the world’s thought leaders in open source software and collaborative development convene to share best practices and learn how to manage the largest shared technology investments of our time. From open governance to community enablement, Collaboration Summit provides the venue for business leaders to come together with leading technologists to create and advance the open source infrastructure that runs our lives. The Linux Foundation produces this event and provides meeting spaces to numerous open source organizations free of charge.


Linux Plumbers Conference®

Linux Plumbers Conference

The Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC) is a developer conference for the open source community. The LPC brings together the top developers working on the “plumbing” of Linux—kernel subsystems, core libraries, windowing systems, etc.—and gives them three days to work together on core design problems. The conference is divided into several working sessions focusing on different “plumbing” topics, as well as a general paper track.




MesosCon is a conference organized by the Apache Mesos community and produced by The Linux Foundation, bringing together users and developers to share and learn about the project and its growing ecosystem. 


Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE)

Southern California Linux Expo

SCALE's mission is to provide educational opportunities on the topic of Open Source software. Open Source software is any software that meets the litmus test of the OSI (Open Source Initiative). The Linux Foundation has been a proud sponsor of SCALE and the volunteers who provide an invaluable service to their community.


GStreamer Conference

gstreamer Conference

The GStreamer Conference is a conference for developers, decision-makers, community members, industry partners, and anyone else interested in the GStreamer multimedia framework or Open Source and cross-platform multimedia.


Community Leadership Summit

Community Leadership Summit

The Community Leadership Summit brings community leaders, organizers, and managers together with the projects and organizations that are interested in growing and empowering a strong community. The event pulls together the leading minds in community management, relations, and online collaboration to discuss, debate, and continue to refine the art of building an effective and capable community. The Linux Foundation is proud to have sponsored this event to help cultivate open source leadership.


KVM Forum

KVM Forum

KVM Forum is an annual event that presents a rare opportunity for developers and users to meet, discuss the state of Linux virtualization technology, and plan for the challenges ahead. KVM Forum is a highly technical conference, bringing together the developers who drive KVM development and the users who depend on KVM as part of their offerings, or to power their data centers and clouds. We invite you to be part of this important event. The agenda includes sessions on the state of the KVM virtualization stack, planning for the future, and many opportunities for attendees to collaborate. After more than nine years in the mainline kernel, KVM continues to be a critical part of the FOSS cloud infrastructure.


Linux Security Summit

Linux Security Summit

The Linux Security Summit (LSS) is a technical forum for collaboration between Linux developers, researchers, and end users. Its primary aim is to foster community efforts in analyzing and solving Linux security challenges.The LSS is a unique global event which provides the opportunity to present and discuss your work or research with key Linux security community members and maintainers. It’s also useful for those who wish to keep up with the latest in Linux security development and to provide input to the development process.


The Linux Kernel Summit

Linux Kernel Summit

The Linux Kernel Summit brings together the world's leading core kernel developers to discuss the state of the existing kernel and plan the next development cycle. This three-day conference is invitation-only and focuses on development and innovation through sessions and workshops that encourage interaction and discussion between kernel developers and industry leaders. Attendees to the Kernel Summit are chosen via a nomination process. If you are interested in attending and would like to be nominated, you are encouraged to subscribe to the Linux kernel mailing list. Details of the Kernel Summit nomination process will be broadcast on the list.

LinuxFest Northwest"

LInuxFest NW

LinuxFest Northwest is an annual Open Source event held the last weekend in April, in Bellingham, WA, USA. The Fest features presentations and exhibits on various free and open source topics, as well as Linux distributions and applications. LinuxFest Northwest has something for everyone from the novice to the professional. The Linux Foundation is proud to have sponsored this event. 

LinuxFest Northwest"

SouthEast Linuxfest

The Linux Foundation has sponsored the SouthEast LinuxFest a community event for anyone who wants to learn more about Linux and Open Source Software. It is part educational conference and part social gathering. Like Linux itself, it is shared with attendees of all skill levels to communicate tips and ideas, and to benefit all who use Linux and Open Source Software. SELF is the place to learn, to make new friends, to network with new business partners, and most importantly, to have fun!


Additional Open Source Events The Linux Foundation has helped to Promote, Organize, and/or Sponsor

  • Linux Security Summit
  • Linux Tracing Summit
  • OpenStack Board Meeting
  • LTSI
  • Linux Media Summit
  • SPDX Summit
  • Dronecode Tech Summit
  • Open Chain Workgroup
  • Ally Workshops
  • UEFI Mini Summits
  • Linux Kernel Summit and Community Workshops
  • Women’s Resume Writing Workshop
  • Community Management Workshop
  • Container Sprint (LFC Maintainers)
  • Kernel Audio Mini Summit
  • Yocto Project Developer Day
  • Realtime Linux Workshop
  • Ovirt Workshop
  • Uboot Summits
  • Open Printing Workgroup Meetings
  • LSF
  • CEWorkgroup Architects Meeting, Board Meetings, etc.
  • Tracing Meetings at Collaboration Summit
  • OpenPrinting workgroup meetings
  • Yocto Advisory Board meetings
  • AGL workshops
  • Pulse Audio Maintainers Meeting and Mini-conf
  • ARM maintainer Workshop
  • Database/Kernel Developer Interlock Meeting
  • OpenSSL Meeting
  • OpenStack board meetings and workgroup meetings at Collab
  • Linux Legal Summits
  • Ada Initiative's Ada Camps
  • All Things Open
  • Community Leadership Summit
  • Gnu Tools Caldron
  • Great Wide Open
  • Grace Hopper Conference for Women through the Anita Borg Institute
  • Texas LinuxFest
  • Kansas LinuxFest
  • DebConf
  • Open Source Bridge
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