One of the many important contributions The Linux Foundation makes to the community is facilitating opportunities for the face-to-face collaboration necessary for the innovation and advancement of Linux and open source. We host a variety of events around the world each year, from summits gathering the world’s leading kernel maintainers to forums for open source leadership to technical conferences gathering the developers, operators, and users of Linux and open source software—all of which contribute to the advancement of these platforms.

To help make these events as accessible and inclusive to all, The Linux Foundation offers hundreds of free scholarships to these events based on need. As one of the first open source conferences to publish and enforce a code of conduct, The Linux Foundation hosts Women in Open Source events to enable women to meet and help each other feel connected at many of our conferences. Whenever possible, we also offer mothers a room for breastfeeding and child care for parents in attendance. The Linux Foundation has also hosted Ada Initiative Allies workshops at our events to train people free of charge on diversity issues and the sensitivity needed in our communities.

The Linux Foundation also underwrites and sponsors countless community events each year, including SCALE, the Grace Hopper Conference for Women, Great Wide Open, and many more that provide important venues for the sharing of open source experiences and knowledge.

By supporting these open source events, we are helping to accelerate open source face-to-face collaboration.

A Few of the Events that The Linux Foundation Organizes and Sponsors

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Additional Open Source Events The Linux Foundation has helped to Promote, Organize, and/or Sponsor

  • Ada Initiative’s Ada Camps
  • AGL Workshops
  • All Things Open
  • Ally Workshops
  • ARM Maintainer Workshop
  • CE Architects Meeting, Board Meetings, etc.
  • CloudNativeCon + KubeCon
  • Community Leadership Summit
  • Community Management Workshop
  • Container Sprint (LFC Maintainers)
  • Database/Kernel Developer Interlock Meeting
  • DebConf
  • Dronecode Tech Summit
  • Gnu Tools Caldron
  • Grace Hopper Conference for Women Through the Anita Borg Institute
  • Great Wide Open
  • Kansas LinuxFest
  • Kernel Audio Mini Summit
  • Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA)
  • Linux Kernel Summit and Community Workshops
  • Linux Legal Summits
  • Linux Media Summit
  • Linux Security Summit
  • Linux Tracing Summit
  • LSF
  • LTSI
  • Ohio LinuxFest
  • Open Chain Workgroup
  • Open Printing Workgroup Meetings
  • Open Source Bridge
  • Open Source 101
  • OpenPrinting workgroup meetings
  • OpenSSL Meeting
  • OpenStack Summit
  • Ovirt Workshop
  • Pulse Audio Maintainers Meeting and Mini-conf
  • Realtime Linux Workshop
  • SPDX Summit
  • Summit 10
  • Texas LinuxFest
  • Tracing Meetings
  • Uboot Summits
  • UEFI Mini Summits
  • Women’s Resume Writing Workshop
  • Yocto Advisory Board Meetings
  • Yocto Project Developer Day