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Super Blueprints Integrate the 5G Open Source Stack from Core to Door

There is an exciting convergence in the networking industry around open source, and the energy is palpable. At LF Networking, we have a unique perspective as the largest open source initiative in the networking space with the broadest set of projects that make up the diverse and evolving open source networking stack. LF Networking provides […]

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How O-RAN SC Completes the Open Source Networking Telecommunications Stack

As network traffic continues to increase with the advent of 5G, mobile networks and the equipment they run on need to evolve quickly to become more agile, flexible, intelligent, energy-efficient and software-defined. Broad efforts to bring agility and speed to the telecom industry started about six years ago with open source Software Defined Networking (SDN), […]

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ONS Evolution: Cloud, Edge, and Technical Content for Carriers and Enterprise

By: Arpit Joshipura, General Manager, Networking, Edge & IoT, the Linux Foundation The first Open Networking Summit was held in October 2011 at Stanford University and described as “a premier event about OpenFlow and Software-Defined Networking (SDN)”. Here we are seven and half years later and I’m constantly amazed at both how far we’ve come […]

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LF Edge: Bringing Complementary Initiatives Together to Advance Emerging Applications at the Edge

Earlier today, we announced the launch of LF Edge, a new umbrella organization designed to establish an open, interoperable framework for edge computing independent of hardware, silicon, cloud, or operating system. The goal is to foster a unified, open framework that brings complementary projects under one central umbrella to create collaborative solutions that are compatible and support […]

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Welcome Telstra as the Newest Gold Member of LFN

Furthering open network harmonization globally across telcos and standards bodies Continuing the momentum of open source being adopted by leading telcos globally, we are thrilled to welcome Telstra as the newest LFN member at the Gold level. With Telstra’s participation, the LFN community is extending its global harmonization efforts across technologies and organizations, from the traditional network […]

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Introducing CCVPN: A Project in Collaboration with China Mobile, Vodafone and Huawei

As operators continue to experience growing demands on their networks in the lead up to 5G, the need for high-bandwidth, flat, and super high-speed Optical Transport Networks (OTNs) is greater than ever. Combined with an increasingly global market, there is a clear need for service providers to work across international boundaries and provide end-to-end services […]

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New Video Applications Will Represent Majority of Edge Traffic by 2020, Survey Finds

In an effort to identify early edge applications, we recently partnered with IHS Markit to interview edge thought leaders representing major telcos, manufacturers, MSOs, equipment vendors, and chip vendors that hail from open source, startups, and large corporations from all over the globe. The survey revealed that edge application deployments are still young but they […]

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Open Source Networking Days Returning This Fall

As we gear up the for the first ever Open Networking Summit Europe event, Amsterdam, September 25-27, it’s becoming clear to me just how far we’ve come this year since the formation of LF Networking. With new major operators joining, like Deutsche Telekom, and others requiring open source project automation tools in their RFPs, like […]


Top Predictions for Networking in 2018

Arpit Joshipura, GM of Networking and Orchestration at the Linux Foundation, shares his 2018 predictions for the networking industry. 1. 2015’s buzzwords are 2018’s course curriculum. SDN, NFV, VNF, containers, microservices — the hype crested in 2016 and receded in 2017. But don’t mistake quiet for inactivity; solution providers and users alike have been hard […]